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New Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions
Download! Link

Readme! It's in the damn download zip obvz

Screenshots! It looks fucking amazing what do you expect?

Latest Patch! Here

The MOD is designed to work with QuakeSpasm 0.91.0 (Must use this version or higher). Download here:

and remember ...
share your experience!

Please note that there is extra console commands being set in quake.rc, you cannot run this MOD using the game command! Always create/use a shortcut!
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mfx's account is also gone! 
Sock = Mfx?? 
Mind = blown! 
Sock ≠ Mfx 
Seriously what's that about? For two of the AD mapper's accounts to be deactivated at the same time? Viral marketing for something? an ARG? 
mfx's went away about the same time he started posting "anonymously" here. 
Otp=sherlock Confirmed 
Are you sure? 
It is for me. I heard twitter has started punishing people who are reported for violations by making them invisible except to their followers, maybe that's happened? OTOH I thought I was following MFX and Sock.

Ah well fuck twitter anyway 
Well You Chaps Could Always Ask Him 
I'm sure he's still on email. 
This Is Awesome! 
this is awesome, I started playing it yesterday. Playing on skill 3 (nightmare) and I think the game is very balanced (but I've been playing quake on and off for 20 years.....). I had no problem adapting to the new enemies and never felt frustated (except for when Necro Keep bugged out at the ending and the portal didn't open after killing fire wrath)

All the standard enemy redesigns\variants are great and fit both the gameplay and the artstyle. The other new enemies fit the gameplay but I'm not convinced they fit the art style completely.

The flow of the maps is really great and I never felt lost... but I didn't wander off the path in foggy fogbottom or crucial error.

I still have a few levels to finish though. Thank you for this! 
@#1138 Do Demos Maybe? 
Still awesome to see skill3 runs. 
yeah, MFX... no twitter... "page not found" 
"Ah well fuck twitter anyway..."

i've got nothing to add. 
Mfx Twitter 
"Twitter took too long to load"...after like 0.4 seconds. 
A Skill 3 Demo

shy of 2 secrets and 1 monster from perfect, i forgot the locations of them :)
My play is a bit jittery, sorry for that. 
Is Sock Back To Twitter? 
Looks like he's pimping the last map of the mod, hopefully we'll get some more eye-candy and those sexy maps he teased before :P 
Map Looks Amazing Nuff Said. 
AD Effects In Base Game? 
I made a post about this on another forum and got some good tips, but still with a couple of hiccups.

I want to be able to use projectile shotguns and new particle effects from AD in the base game and expansions. I've found a couple ways to do this, currently I am using QSS and have an AD_Id1 folder with all the files from AD copied into it, then all the maps/sounds/etc. extracted from the Id1 .pak files copied in as well (no overwrites so I keep the AD models and such). This works (and works for hipnotic and rogue as well) however, Shub is unkillable due to changes to his code in AD. Does anyone know what I'd need to edit or remove to fix this? 
You'd have to modify the QuakeC to fix this. 
Fix For Zombie Rocket Splash Damage 
Does anyone know a fix for the above?
Rockets that hit zombies don't have splash damage, hurting neither nearby monsters nor the player. 
How could a bug like that slip by unnoticed... Or is it intentional for sock reasons
@Oh wow
I reported this already over a year ago:

look for post #623 
Performance Issue On DarkPlaces Engine 
Please help. I have dramatical FPS drop (down to 1 fps) on some maps (foggy bogbottom, necromancers keep) at certain points and angles of view on DarkPlaces engine. On QuakeSpasm engine it works well, no FPS drop, but it doesn't work with my DarkPlaces savefiles, gives some error and not loading. It is strange, but lowering video resolution doesn't increase FPS at problem points at all. Here is save with example point where I have low FPS: 
Runs smoothly in the stable 2014 version.
In the 2018 build the framerate's choppy, external textures are broken, and the fog is drawn over the HUD.
Neither build is able to run ad_sepulcher, as far as I know.

Your save loads fine in regular Quakespasm. If you mean some other saves, you could also try QS-Spiked and other ports. 
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