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RetroJam3 Released!
The third Retro Jam is available! The theme was "Vertical Metal/Runic". This pack contains two devilish Runic maps ripe for carnage, made in a few days by FifthElephant and skacky.

Download / Screenshot
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"Pre-oreder now to unlock an extra tarbaby!"

Can the tarbaby be gifted to another user? Thinking of DaZ here... 
beer to that gentleman 
Start Maps 
Start maps do fill an important role in a map/map pack release though. They are a fantastic jumping off point, they set you on a path. There is something exciting about starting a level pack and being introduced to a skill select, it's the start of an adventure.

There is also an immersion angle. Sure it might be easier to bring down the console and set skill x but it feels so much nicer to do it all in game.

So I agree with Barnak in principle.

However, in the context of this retrojam it is quite silly to ask about such a thing. Both authors broke their nuts getting these large maps finished in 4 days and to enquire why there isn't a start map AS WELL is pretty crazy! 
Awesome Maps! 
Skacky hits again! Another burnermap, totally matching the theme, verticality is neatly implemented.
Having had no time to map myself this time, i already envied every screenshot you posted, you crazy mapping machine! I suck at quake and died even on easy too often, therefore no demos from me this time, sorry.

Fifth i already told you, neat map from you as well. I liked the monsterjumps, but they where too many. Also low on supplies early on. All in all still impressive style and execution.
Died even more in your map.

Barnak, check your privileges. 
Start maps are part of the packaging and thus I'd be fine with them being made external of the jam's time constraints. But I'm also fine with using the console. 
I Accept Everyones Criticisms 
and I will endeavour to include way more monster spawning and a shit load more monster jumps next time.

And also remove all health and ammo from the map. 
Sounds Like... 
...that would make a great start map. 
A start map with hordes of monsters that you need to kill to get to the skill selecting teleport is a pretty original approach to the start map. Might work=) 
How fast you kill them and how much damage you take determines the skill level. 
That Is Pretty Brilliant 
Start Maps 
are cool because mappers can use them to scene set for players. Atmospheric start maps that give you a precursor to the theme in the upcoming episode/map do enhance the experience IMHO.

But demanding it in the context of maps made in 2-3 days is definitely a bit overkill. 
Start Maps As A Theme 
Is a terrible idea, completely misses the point of what makes start maps cool. 
Fast/damage taken to select skill is tricky. First off you have to be sure thats how skill is measured for most players in Quake because for all those that its not, you've just alienated.

It might sound obvious, but what if accuracy, secrets found or infights caused were thrown into the mix. Forcing players to play how you want needs to come from the basic mechanics of the game, something that can't be done in Q1 without modifying the core mechanics.

For example, having the player health tick down to 0 but they recover health for each kill made.

Final thing about start maps - they're awesome and of course you can have one made in three days, as long as one of the main mappers doesn't have to do it. Just takes some victim volunteer to agree to make and it bit more organisation. 
Loved Fifth's although it was a bit hordy. Nice "15 years ago" vibe.

Quit skacky's after ~5 minutes because I got tired of the constant onslaught. Will retry on 0 instead of 1, hoping it is toned down there. 
What sort of drugs are you injecting into your testicles? Skacky's was as fair and balanced as any modern map on Skill 2.... 
If you love jumping to conclusions from tidbits of information you should check out that tumblr internet web site.

Didn't say it was hard or unbalanced, I said it was a constant onslaught. I found that boring and annoying. 
I'm Surprised Really 
Ithought skacky had the better map by far (although the last fight could have been harder). 
I love people who make an ounce of sense.

If Skacky's was too much of a constant onslaught, then surely at least 50% of Quake maps in the last decade must have been unplayable for you?? 
Last decade? That was when you actually said things that were worth listening to, wasn't it?

Again, your reading comprehension seems fairly bad. My original post was "5th grade level" according to some online tool. Sorry if I should have used more simple sentences. 
Online Tool. 
Very appropriate.

Just for you, because you're such a sensible and well-balanced individual, I went back and checked Skacky's map.

Room 1: Snipe the ogre, check the corners and kill 2 knights.

Room 2: See ogre straight away, retreat obviously, grenade ogre and usually catch a zombie in the blast. Kill other zombie.

Room 3 upper: Okay this is almost slightly tricky. Death knight in face etc etc. Retreat off lift (and take 5 falling damage, the only damage you need to take in the first 5 rooms). Death knight may or may not follow, snipe him either way. Up lift and back off again to shoot lower zombies. Up again to shoot upper zombies. Advance carefully and check for knights again.

Room 4: Snipe Ogres from Room 3 and dodge grenades.

Room 5: Shoot closer zombie straight away. Snipe Ogre easily. Move up and grenade 3 zombies. Death Knights around the corner OMG, retreat and kill them. Snipe 2nd Ogre exactly the same.

Room 6: NOW, it does actually turn into an onslaught, only because the spike trap is a pain. Collect armour, trigger enemy, and retreat through it anyway, go back to collect some of the 165 health you didn't need to use in the previous 5 rooms.


TBH if someone was a complete Quake noob and had never played anything other than Id maps, I could see this would be a bit harder than the Id average, but after 19 years and 1000s of custom quake maps, most of which have been harder than Id, sometimes a lot harder, this map really is quite steady.

OTOH if you've posted "constant onslaught" on the majority of other map releases and I've missed it, then I do deeply apologise *

* from the bottom of my arse. 
Great News! 
We are extremely happy to announce a new revolutionary streamlined version of Q1RetroJam especially designed for our broader casual audience!
Here is a fresh exclusive promo screenshot of Q1RetroJam Casual

Coming soon to Nintendo4ds, Samsung Watch and LG Smart Refrigerator platforms!

Don't forget to hug us on twitter, inside3d, quakeone and reddit/r/quake.
Play Quake and don't do drugs! 
Okay That Is Cruel 
But "LG Smart Refrigerator" I am in tears here.... 
You Know. 
If Q1RetroJam3 community manager had spent less time fucking around with troll screenshots and buggering up UBB code, and more time finishing his damn RJ3 map, the world would be a happier place... 
Public Announcement 
Due to recent ESRB certification and health safety concerns Q1RetroJam team needs to warn you that mentally unstable entitled forum hypocrites with zero contribution to the community are not eligible for any further Q1RetroJam updates and DLCs without a written consent from their parents and a supervising psychiatrist.

For everyone else Q1RetroJam3 is happy to announce that closed betatest of Q1RetroJam3 DLC begins this Sunday!
Stay healthy and remember that we are not Valve. 
Seriously, GO MAP. 
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