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Replacement KNIGHT.MDL
Replace that ugly old knight with a slightly newer ugly knight. Now with something resembling "feet" and "a head", and not just weird pointy things!

Includes knight.mdl and h_knight.mdl with several skins for including in your fancy new mods and levels, as well as the same files in a PAK2.PAK if you want to plop them in /id1/.

Look! | Readme! | Download!
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Oh Nice! 
Say did you update any other models in the past? Like the normal soldier in the Rubicon Rumble Jam? 
Pretty Sure The RRP Grunt 
was capknubs. 
Wondered Who 
yea was wondering who did that one. 
Uuuuuuuuuhm Luuuuuuuuuuuun 
Could you choose are more distinctive filename pretty please? idgames2/graphics/mdl/ beat you by 18 years. 
Looks Great. 
It's good to see that this model is fixed. It was the worst model after the dog model (on some angles you could see the front of the face from the back of the model as it was so off-center).
Still hoping that capnbubs finishes off the rest of the models though. 
This Looks Good 
thanks lun. 
Also Lowercase Pak File Name Puhlease 
I have been using this .mdl replacement for several months and it looks awesome! I cannot imagine a world where this knight did not exist.

Please download at use this knight because it owns. 
The Difference Is Like Knight And Day 
This knight is permanently replacing the older one. Everything about it is better, from the walking and running animations, to the sword swings. Very smooth, much more pleasing to look at. Which is good to, because my next map has a lot of knights in it. :)
Very well done Lunaran. 
However you need to repackage it for quaddicted you have my permission. 
Also, I forgot to mention in the readme, but obviously everyone's free to modify this and add skins or do whatever and redistribute it. 
Source? :) 
What software did you use? Open to releasing the source file incase folks want to make another enemy using the animation sets or variations? I plan to do the same when I finish the Shambler. I use 3dsmax though. 
Maya plus a custom pile of python plus a modified MODELGEN.EXE. I could zip it all up and release it but I didn't think anyone else had or used Maya so I didn't think to include the .mb files. Is that something a lot of people would want (and be able to open)? 
Curious About Your Process. 
Oh I have to deal with Maya at work as well though we mainly use 3dsmax. Could be possible to convert it to FBX as well so that folks could reuse the anims on other critters too in any software that supports FBX. Ofcourse at that point the animation is baked flat with no nice rig you might have done inside Maya though.

Lots of custom Python you say? What madness did you do? :) 
it's easier now to just use Preach's because it's an all in one thing. don't use the thing I linked. it's not there forget it 
I'd love to see a tutorial on this, I'm sure if I can map that I could make a half decent model... 

I liked the pointy helm and sharp shoulders =\

But otherwise, nice. 
Getting A Model In Quake These Days. 
Actually the easiest thing these days is to simply export your model to FBX and then export it using Noesis to MDL format. I'm doing that for the Shambler remake and its a very straight forward process. My character has a full skeleton which is stripped out on export from Noesis and whatever texture you apply to it becomes part of the MDL. Nice custom UV's as well. 
It's shocking how bad the old model + anims are when you really look at them. 
I don't think so, actually. When you consider the tools they had at the time and where the state of the art was ... I think they did well enough. :) 
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