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Retro Jam 1 Pack Released!
That stealthy sock organised a Twitter-exclusive map jam this weekend. Whether it was to restrict the number of participants or clamp down on excessive JAM HYPE, who knows...

What we do know is that the theme implies some sort of old skool Quake homage, and it's been released right here:

With screenshots here:

And the mappers are rumoured to be:

Go play it!
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Extended Sock Map Here 
...and It's A Stonker. 
More details, neat new section, more secrets, beefier gameplay. All round thumbs up.

Don't Know If Anyone Cares 
But I made some lame attempts to speedrun mfx's and skacky's maps a couple of nights ago when I was bored... mfx skacky 
Your speedrun is quite amazing! 
That fiend in the hallway led to quite a few failed runs initially ;p 
Cheers Back 
nice jumping kaffi, your name implies such moves somehow..

i made demos for everyones maps a while ago, but i forgot to post them here. I also forgot what i wanted to say bout them maps in partiacular, all are very nice for the short amount of time that was put in yeah yeah..

I wish this would never end. 
Forgot The Link 
How So? 
Re: my nick implying moves 
For a german whitebread like me your name sounds like "Coffee Head" when read. Kopp is dialect for head, so yeah, were a dopehead would just admire the scenery, a coffeehead jumps all over it.
This isn�t as funny in english i guess.
Anyway, jump on! 
Some Nice Stuff 
ericw- very retro but a bit too short and the texturing was a bit too chaotic for me.

scampie - even more retro, nice lighting, but lasted about 2 min :)

mfx - not as good as other recent mfx maps, expectations have been set too high hehe :) Opening scene is stunning but a bit plain after that and some of the fights are a bit unfair.

skacky - my pick for this jam, lovely looking and gameplay was fun.

sock - played the expanded version, great secret visual language, felt like a mini Zendar overall. Very polished stuff. 
A bigger meaner version? Yes please! 
Hehe, that makes sense. My nick actually means "coffee cup" in norwegian, but I also use another variant of my nick sometimes ("koffikapp"), which I've heard means "coffee cupboard" or something in estonian. 
i couldnt watch kaffikopp runs unfortunatly, i geuss the maps has been repacked or renamed or something. Atleast it left me the fun of figuring out routes myself, roofjumping? certainly! 
Found The Old/new Maps 
gee your fast on mfx, found both tricks pretty hard and died a couple of times by the last shambler (wich isnt there in the version you played) so stopped trying the boost of the vore, and you took the wrong door on skacky's :) 
Nice runs yourself, I liked what you were trying to go for on Scampie's map with the ogre grenade+fiend boost, too bad it didn't work out in the end.

I also attempted ericw's map and managed to skip the silver bridge with a circle jump, if I had gotten the entire run perfect I could probably get it down to 25-26 seconds with this route, but I kept getting blocked by different monsters on every attempt which drove me insane and I eventually gave up. 
Didnt Expect That 
i find that jump across the sk bridge very hard so i was eager to call that route slower. just tried it on low framerate and i got a 29.low, but 25/26? you found a way to get the gold key from the lift or are you just realy fast? 
I could do it in 25/26 if it was a perfect run. No shortcut from lift to gold key. But yes, the jump is really hard. I tried again now and can make it maybe every tenth attempt, but every time I actually make it I keep getting blocked by monsters again so fuck it, can't be bothered to do a proper run of this map. 
Or Maybe 
my prediction was a bit optimistic; managed a complete run of ericw's map now, 30 seconds. It might be possible to shave off a couple of seconds at most with this route: demo 
Nice Run 
but to get times like 25/26 you realy need to get from lift to gk. The slope on the lift seems to small though and i think the lift takes to long to take an ogre grenade with you from down below 
Was thinking the same, but actually performing the slopejump on the lift seems incredibly difficult, if not impossible, especially as the lift won't move if you stand on the slope only. 
Finaly finish then all :)

Map thanks for these perls ;)

1� Demos in attachment 
*many thanks for these pearls

arghhh my shity English!

Sorry, forget to read what I've wrote :| 
English As She Is Wrote 
...written :) 
I didn't realize that I had started this map pack before. I played sock's fallen1c at his recommendation after mentioning how much I liked the rooftop mechanics in another map. I probably downloaded the full pack afterwards when I saw ericw's name - I know him as the guy who has done a lot of coding wizardry so I absolutely had to check out one of his maps.

I finally played through all of the maps except for scampie's. I was looking for more mfx maps after playing through the incredible ad_swampy when I rediscovered this pack in my directory. mfx's map was nice and clean with good verticality and it employed one of my favorite styles - artificial structure built into a natural formation, mountains in this case. It was a relief to see a map from him that wasn't so incredibly dense and intricate because it seems like a reachable standard for new mappers.

I was already a huge fan of sock's map. Fallen1c was masterfully crafted and scratched my itch for another great rooftop map. I had played ericw's before but I decided to play it again anyway. My only complaint was that I wish it was longer. It had a good intro with intense combat and it looked great. It's clear that he's not only a talented coder but an excellent mapper too. I'm going to look for more of his maps to play.

Skacky's was a really pleasant surprise. The opening courtyard area was beautifully cinematic. The blue fog looked really good. All of the colors were excellent. I was admiring all of the wooden trim throughout the map and the interesting angles of some brushes, as well as the beautiful shapes of some rooms and celings. I ended up getting a 100% clear and I left satisfied. I've only played one or two other Skacky maps but the man is obviously extremely skilled.

I'll run through scampie's next. I loved his Arcane map and I love the style of all of the maps in this pack so far, so I'm sure that it's going to be good. 
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