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..::LvL In August
Four reviews and five maps in this ..::LvL update. Top pick is a CTF release from Pat Howard. The others are re-makes and re-mixed version of id Software originals with various levels of success.

* Ironwood by Pat Howard
* Temples of Retribution by V1979
* The Very End of Reality by V1979
* The Yard Of Stone And Steel by Anthony Tullo

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news the site should work a lot better on small screens (like phones). There is still some work to be done however.

Also, you can now directly, financially help ..::LvL by donating towards the server costs. Huge thanks to Hipshot for pushing me to get this done.
Bumping This Cause Donation Link! 
Dont Only Buy Beer And Whatever Hookers... 
Care to tell what the cost of running this site is?

I really think, that lvl would be the best place to start consolidating Q1/Q2 and Q3 levels, the time when iD games where split up needs to end. 
Ah, that is a complex question. Here is the short answer :]

We are currently budgeting $50 a month (for LvLs share) for server cost. The site is sharing a dedicated server with a few of our commercial projects. 
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