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Simple Quake Launcher By MaxEd
Posted by MaxEd:

Simple Quake Launcher v1.0

One day I've got tired of editing .bat files to launch Quake maps. I went online to find something similar to ZDL, but for Quake. I haven't found anything usable there (Quake Injector is a bit too cumersome for my tastes...), so I decided to make one myself.


- Small and easy to use.
- Can detect maps in folders and .PAK files (.PK3 support is planned).

Extract SQLauncher.exe into your Quake directory.

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.
NOTICE: if you already have .Net Framework 4.0 or newer installed, you'll still need to install 3.5 version, because newer versions are not backwards compatible with it!

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Nice! Please use a proper host like Quaketastic:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff

Great choice on the map ;) 
i got a lotsa batch files too
to launch a multiple mods for quake
this is seems handy 
Obligatory Barnak Question: 
is there a random map command (button)? 
Have A Waffle 
is there a random map command (button)?
Actually, why not? :)

SQL v1.01:
You can now play a random map from a random mod at random skill.
Folders without maps are no longer shown in the "Game" drop-down.

Its has happened. Really thanks MadED! 
And, because I'm good at finding bugs right after I've uploaded a new version of something, here's SQL v1.02:

The last map in the "Maps" list was selected instead of a required map when trying to guess the start map.
Duplicate maps are no longer shown in the "Maps" list even if a mod (e.g. Nehahra) contains duplicate maps.

It's kind of cool how it loads the icon of executable. 
It's a Windows exe. Not a Mac solution.

Again, a simple randmap.bsp file located inside the id1/maps folder, that would launch a random bsp file from a predefined list would be the best solution, IMHO. 
What Barnak Asks For 
seems to be quite similar to what can be done using Baker's undergate map pack.
This pack comes with a launcher map, or a hub of some sort, via which you can easily access all the maps in the pack (mostly the hall of fame maps as rated in the now defunct Underworld Reviews site)

One catch, though, is that the hub map doesn't randomize the accessible maps. You need to manually pick which one map you want to play. Though this can be "randomized" by closing your eyes and walking blindly in the map, until you stumble into one of the teleporters leading to a map. 
It would also help if the -hipnotic and -rogue flags were set for at least hipnotic and rogue mission packs themselves. 
Is there a bulletproof way to detect these packs? Do all quake ports support these flags? Won't they work just by running them like "someengine.exe -game hypnotic / rogue"? 
no, of course not, this is QUAKE!
all nq engines will (qw engines might not).
-game instead of the official/specific argument results in the hud being buggy in most engines. 
Packs Are Few 
and they released only so much of them.

so the launcher simply needs to check the folder name, and if the name is hipnotic, rogue, quoth, or nehahra, then use the relevant commandline accordingly. Not much code needed I would say. 
SQL V1.03: 
- Map titles (a map's "message" worldspawn key) are now shown in the "Maps" drop-down.
- Added special handling for hipnotic, rogue, quoth and nehahra mods (based solely on folder names).
- PK3 files are now scanned for maps.

when I said all nq engines would understand hipnotic/rogue, I meant only hipnotic and rogue. quoth and nehahra are 3rd-party mods and are not guarenteed to be supported in any way - consult engine docs for these. I really have no idea which engines support those two. :s 
i've got new version(1.03)
and its send me some warnings, ok
in the fild where i have to chose the mods
its enable just backstaint, ok
gotta switch back to my batch files 
Worth it. 
i've got new version(1.03) and its send me some warnings, ok
What warnings?

in the fild where i have to chose the mods
its enable just backstaint, ok

Which mods should be there? How are they located inside of your Quake folder?

Sorry, I cannot fix anything if all you say is "boo doesnt work, also blackstein". 
Do you have a donate button I can use? 
qlauncher warning
it is a bit complicated to translate , as its all russian lang

qlauncher1.0 drop down menu mods

qlauncher1.3 drop down menu mods 
SQL V1.04 
- Mods in subfolders are now detected (e.g. Quake/mods/func_mapjam2 will now be detected) (this PROBABLY fixes spy's problem).
- PAK files: maps located in subfolders inside of "maps" folder are no longer added to the maps list.
- "-game" parameter is now added for quoth and nehahra mods alongside with "-quoth" / "-nehahra" flags.
- "-game" parameter is now added when an official map pack is located in a subfolder inside of Quake folder (like "Quake/mods/ROGUE").
- Possibly fixed a crash related to text buffer overflow when parsing a map's entities (this PROBABLY fixes spy's crash).

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