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Map Jam 2 - "IKBlue/IKWhite" Theme Pack Released
The second Map Jam pack is released! The theme for this pack was the ikwhite/ikblue texture set by Iikka Ker�nen, and we have 8 great maps to show for it!

Screenshots, Download, Mirror, Readme

Authors: cocerello, ericw/fifth, lunaran, mfx, scampie, skacky, sock, tronyn

Read the original discussion thread here.
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I loved how that Shambler got cornered and stunlocked to death also. 
By the two knights I mean. I had never seen knights win against a Shambler. 
Yeah Thats Fun 
You can also do the same trick yourself - when a shambler is whaling on a small enemy you hit it every few seconds so it never gets to end an attack on you or the enemy. 
Cocerello's Map 
The map is ok, but (as others already said) has a very bad gameplay. I write this just after I played the map, I came here to see what others say, I thought maybe I'm stupid or something. I played on EASY skill, I repeat - EASY (skill 0), not even normal.

You say the map is unfair only on hard, sorry, but that's bullshit, please try to play your own map on EASY and see how easy it is. I ran out of ammo quite fast, playing with just the axe is not fun at all, especially when you are fighting death knights and fiends.

Otherwise the map is ok, but please, please, next time try to test your own map, at least a quick run from start to end on normal or easy to see if it's "doable". 
Playing the maps again, not missing a single shot, not taking secrets, killing all monsters by myself (no infighting) except those in secrets, i end with:

Easy: 0 shells 52 nails
Normal: 44 shells, 92 nails
Hard/nightmare: 48 shells, 0 nails

Clearly there is a problem there on easy, there should be 80 more shells there, probably i forgot them in the last hasty compile, the same as what happened with the 6 tarbabies missing on hard/nightmare skill.

Thanks for the info, RaverX. I'll promise that won't happen again, at least not that badly. 
holy fucking shit! 
Hey Mfx 
fuck you!

// This map has been written by QuArK - Quake Army Knife, QuArK 6.6

I have always used QuArK's bugs as excuses why I never made the greatest Quake maps ever. You owe me a D�ner or two! 
I cannot say i like QuArK, but the texturewrapper is quite useful. Timesaving somehow..
But yeah, fuck me with d�nerz. 
Fuck You With Bloom(en) Instead

Quark's texture tools and feature tree are the bestest. 
*jingle bells* 
That Screenshot Spirit! 
What engine is that? Looks gorgeous at least, i can�t believe this is Q1. 
Looks like Skyrim 
Darkplaces with dpmod and a func_snow spanning the start area. 
Still Haven't Played Them... 
You Aren't The Only One 
Some Skill 0 Derping

Probably only of interest to the map authors. Some of these were played in a very bright room and I couldn't really see what was going on...

cocerello: done already in this thread
fifth: I don't have very strong memories of this one... I think I played terribly and died?
lunaran: too dark for my environment...
mfx: amazing! I had my share of problems with the dark and got lost a bit but well, still an awesome experience
scampie: clever progression
skacky: pretty good, not the most remarkable of the pack
sock: nice solid map
tronyn: you're a lunatic :-p I found navigation very easy, slightly to my surprise. very very easy on skill 0, which is fine I guess :) 
Thanks for the demo, they were interesting to see, and surprising how you jumped at the shambler with just a slight hesitation.

The ammo you missed is below two of the stairs on ground floor, one of the big ones and a small one (40 shells, 25 nails and 30 health) and with the SNG (40 shells and 30 health), below the closet filled with ammo with the death knight in ambush. Yes, it is a bit hidden, like the rest. 
Finally finish playing all maps, what a fantastic map pack!

Love then all, but scampies, mfx, sock and skacky were really good in architecture and game-play.

Tronyn awesome epic map had great fun playing it, always in the red line but not impossible like some of his maps :)

Scampie map in second try i jumped to the secret and was easy to kill the shamblers :p

cocerello go finish it :p

fifth had a fantastic look but the final battle was to much :\ a quad maybe? :)

But my favorit was mfx map, please make a fullvis of this one... fucking love it!

the demos... 
Its Fulvised 
i wont touch it anymore. thanks for demos! 
hehe in Darkplaces show those grey backgroung :)

thanks for reply :)

will replay this map for sure. 
Please use quakespasm as stated in the readme.
It was only tested for this engine. 
Awesome Pack. Great Work, Guys! 
Cocerello: so i got you gave me herpes omg i think im emote ^.^ but it depends from person 2 person

FifthElephant: I'm afraid of elephants now. hahahaahaa! hey guys i mean emo FOR THE ALLIANCE!! this is magically gay.

Lunarian: аааааа)))))))))))))))))))))))) ) so freak n cute maybe throw in a backflip! you serious? my emotional rollercoaster has headed off now Bwahaha so deluded.

mfx: Heelllooo lil puppy. oh wow adorable<333 he walk like a faq hey guys God, you people...

Scampie: lol this guys are just making fun of themselves. ;p cute as hell is a saying Any small dog could so fuck you!

skacky: Hmm... for once people! enjoy ;) omg i think im emo! The the only thing intense about this I hope we can save some souls nice cat balance there

sock: The Christian who sees Jesus in a piece of burnt toast? D: lol get me every time hahaha THATS TIGHT "DOG" hungry yeah more like and there bigger then that.

Tronyn: YES!!! for cuteness! AHAHAHHA. lol get me every time hahaha Thanks for the message! evar Mel Gibson

we'll wave at this mother fucker in hell.! hahahahhaa skilled dog lol SUXX i just jizzed in my pants 
Is That From 
Lunarian: аааааа)))))))))))))))))))))))) ) so freak n cute maybe throw in a backflip!

squeee! i didn't learn very beginnings, but ... I CANNOT BELIEVE IIIIIIT? 555 this is definitely the game. ta 
Omg sorry Lunaran, also loved your map also... played the map some days ago and forgot to put the coment :(

Map very simple but fun :) nice quad damage end fight... love it! 
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