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New Q1SP: RJ Zone
Aka "Secret Progression Zone". It's not trick map, but you will have to use a RocketJump for playing.

Engine with extended limits (and must set max_edicts to 2000)

Use engine with transparent slime.
Final boss is very hard. Save game before her.


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Very Cool 
and very hard!

The visuals were great, I loved the motif of the woven beams in the skylights; made the base feel really oppressive. The colored lighting was also really well done.

The puzzle with the pent was my favourite area.. it was clear that you were supposed to climb to the top of the room, and the jumps were fun.

negke and metl covered most of the things I had trouble with. I cleared out the enemies in the area with the quad fairly early on. I noticed the shootable button you're supposed to quad rocketjump on, but once I found it wasn't a shootable button I just abandoned it and didn't realize it could have another meaning (and didn't look up..), so unfortunately I eventually noclipped on that puzzle.

also it took a while of being lost and looping through the map to notice that the pillar buttons were the 3 I was looking for to trigger the big door. it was satisfying, though, once I figured out the basic arrangement was 3 distinct areas each with a puzzle blocking access to a pillar button.

anyhow thanks for this release! 
kaffikopp, ericw thanks for playing and comments.

map updated, link same

1. map now lighter
2. fixed bug with slime space of big slime leak
3. smoothed ('clip' texture) base of buttons. Now going from side to push easier
4. add few guide pointers
5. in Shambler room (before QuadDamage) added 2 item_health for normal and easy, and 1 for other
6. reduce time regeneration for item_health from 5 to 3 seconds
7. fixed seizing of Scrag in the tower
8. fixed vulnerability for first boss on hard and nightmare skills
9. in QRJ point add message "You will have to use a QuadDamage RocketJump"
10. changed messages for closed doors
11. three buttons changed to runes
12. add tranparent label for zone which activate teleports for boss
13. teleports now have different colors
N. other small changes 
I'm a little sad that the quad puzzle is now trivial, i really liked that one. But i guess everyone else was stumped on it. 
Figuring out what you had to do was what's fun with that puzzle, explaining outright to the player what he has to do removes the puzzle part entirely. As I said the problem for me was that the top shaft wasn't noticeable enough. Maybe just having an arrow on the wall pointing upwards so as to encourage the player to look up would have been enough. 
I think it all depends on the person. If he likes puzzles, it will look without pointers. If not, then he needs a clue. Difficult to ensure that everyone is interested 
What Metl said. It was a logical puzzle. I think adding a little Quad texture instead of the button would have been perfect. 
But Of Course. 
Well done for taking on board the feedback and all the other fixes. Hopefully more people will try the map now and enjoy it more. 
Should I rename the old version or the new version for Quaddicted? 
Just 'finished' 
i didn't record a demo since i watched Shambler's first demos.
had i played without watching those, i think i would've given up early on. i'm a poor rocket jumper in the first place. however, the abundant amount of health/armor regeneration kept me very much alive. i also doubt that i would've figured out the QRJ.
as for the darkness, i didn't have any problems, but i play in the dark on my 47" LED tv with 2 million (or so) contrast ratio. i'm sure that helps.
i didn't beat the boss because of my RJ 'skills.' it was on the platform, & i Rj'ed into the ceiling below the crusher button and died. 
Replace the old version to the new 
I did that but realised that I should not. If people downloaded it with the Quake Injector they have to manually delete the file from the download cache or they cannot get the new version. I only realised that now, I will not change zips again anymore (unless someone adds some fancy checksum checking to the Injector).

I reverted to the old version for now.

digs07_v2, digs07v2, digs07b, digs07_fixed?

PS: Next time please add a note about what changed in the readme ;) 
the name of any

ps: ok 
Updated Version 
w00t I managed to get to the final boss :D Unfortunately I got crushed by the crusher as it was going back into the ceiling (I was running along the small lip that sticks out just before the crusher part of it).

Seems like it could be a cool fight but I couldn't work out how to get the vore to go into the center. It would teleport around all the time (#tf let me know what causes the teleporting. I had no idea!). The button mechanic seems nice but in practice I bet it could be pretty fiddly. Will have to replay to see.

The lighting is better in the new version but i'd say it is too bright now in some areas and they can look very wasted out as a result. I had no problems seeing where to go (addition of a few helpful arrows was a plus) which was a huge improvement over the original imo.

I like the replacement of the 3 buttons with runes. it feels like more of an accomplishment to collect a rune than press a button! Feels weird not to have 4 runes though :D

Something I felt while playing is that the level could really have been made easier to understand while being potentially more complex with the addition of stronger visual themes to denote each type of jumping mechanic requirement.

For example. You could have used strong red themes (lighting, textures) to show where a pent rocket jump is needed while a blue theme could show where quadded rj's are required. With a suitable intro to each colour theme this could have worked really well to give players an idea of what is required in certain areas without heavy handed text prompts giving the game away completely (example : quad rj text)

I did enjoy the level a lot however. Made me use my brain to figure things out :)

I loved some of the detailing on the walls and ceilings. Some of the boxy lcd panels with wiring and machinery around them looked fantastic.

I will be doing a video of this release when my pc decides to play nice! :P 
Thanks for playing

About boss teleportation: #17 
One more thing.... Obviously you have had a fair bit of criticism for this map, and I think it has been a difficult one for players to get to grips with. But I also think there is a general appreciation of what you've tried to do and how you've pushed the boundaries in a generally high quality way.

In fact after playing this I went back and replayed Digs03-06, and they are all interesting and fun and often with an intriguing challenge that can be frustrating but is always worthwhile. I really appreciate you doing different and "tricky" things, so please keep doing it and please keep coming up with these maps - don't be put off by the criticism but try to use it to make maps that are creative but more manageable for players :) 
Thanks! :) 
Get To Da Vidya! 
The Best F** Map In The Whole Universe!!!! 
This is the best Quake map ever! I played it 4 or 5 times 2 days ago. Today I finished it in the first run, but it took more than a hour of unstoppable play time. Amazing map! Thanks! PS.: U must try it it with the last SMC from Seven!!! 
Finally Played This 
was a little confusing but nothing a little bit of wandering around didnt alleviate.

More importantly, I found the combats a bit dull and same with a lot of the build quality. Maybe it was the flattish lighting but for every good looking area, there was a few bland looking ones.

Boss fight was pretty nifty though. 
and I had to do a lot of reloading in the pent
RJ area, ran out of health the first run through because I wasted pent in zombie room. Even later, I thought there was too many RJs and a few health packs wouldnt have hurt for those that couldnt make the pent last. 
From The Screens.. 
..definitely not my favourite style, but then again I'll take a look :) 
Deep Scars Run 
Did a little video some days ago, 
Sorry Wrong Video 
I've posted a wrong video in comment #83. sorry for my mistake! I'll try to upload and post a new video later on! 
No Shit... 
...that's the wrong video. The new skins and effects and gimmicks look fucking ridiculous in Quake. 
I Like This 
I like this. I'm stuck though, so I'll be watching Shambler's demo just enough to see what I'm not noticing.

(Got stuck in the area with the pent and the red button you shoot to causes a platform to come out).

Nice to see a map that rocket jumping is "ok" --- sometimes rocket jumping risks breaking a map. 
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