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The Fifth Vortex - New Unreal And/or UT SP Campaign
Doublez-Down and Teridax have released a new SP campaign that works with Unreal Gold or with UT (presumably with the Oldskool mod).

The campaign contains 5 playable maps and an intro and outro.

More info and some screenshots here :
It's always nice to see a new Unreal release, would have missed this one, thanks for the heads up! 
Installed But... 
How do I get it to run?

I'm using Unreal Gold
Files all placed where instructed
"Unreal" and "Na Pali" come up as game choices but nothing else.

Nothing about launching in the readme. 
Open map files via console 
yes run the into map via console.

Also, I believe you might need the 227 patch.

Readme is unfortunately not very helpful. 
Thanks Yhe1 And Nitin 
"tilde" to get console
Then eventually worked through combinations until I got to...
"Open EHactoraIntro.unr"
Runs, yay!
Though I'm in a section of a map where I can't work out how to progress. 
Using 227? 
...yes, discovered I had to use my brain to progress :) 
Would Like To Hear Your Thoughts When Oyu Finish 
I havent got Unreal around atm to play. 
...into the canyon level and can clear everything via various route choices until I get to this one section wherein I get a texture error which dumps me out of the game. 
Distrans Whats The Error 
I vaguely recall Mr Prohet bringing up a texture error on the unrealsp forums. 
Are you using the d3d renderer? 
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