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AmbushVille 10 Day Mapping Competition Released
Ambushville is a map pack containing 9 single player Half-Life 2 Episode 2 maps created within a 10 day time limit and following an "ambush" theme.

My entry "Lost at Sea" managed to win the contest and is my first Half-Life 2 map release.
Nice One Daz! 
Your map looks well cool in the shots and the report on the process was a good one :) 
Grats :) 
I watched a bit of your videos on YouTube of you making it. Good to hear you won. Especially after all the trouble you had with the lift :) 
that fucking lift. Still has issues :) 
Is There A Secret Under It? 
Congratz Daz! 
Awesome map, making of vids even more!
Are the mods that are broken by the Steampipe update being fixed? 
this is really impressive and you did a great job. 
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