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Cornered 5.0 (Left 4 Dead 2 Survival / Scavenge Map)
<Scampie> Daz_: link me you fool
<Scampie> and post it on func news
<Scampie> jeez
<Daz_> no one on func cares about l4d :)
<Daz_> help a brotha out and upvote guys <3
<Scampie> are you fucking right daft in the head mate?
<Scampie> func cares about maps made by it's dudes
<Scampie> post it you fool
<Scampie> put it in the topic here too
<Daz_> fine!
<Scampie> scum

Moving pixels if you require them :
Download from steam workshop (preferred) :
Download from :
This is the one that you did that map dev video about right? Looks sweet. :) 
This a much updated re-release as the original was starting to piss me off :) Full change log is on Steam Workshop if anyone cares :)

Let me know what you think if anyone does decide to give it a go :) 
looks good man, shame L4D runs like crap on my decrepit laptop. :'( 
Haven't Played L4D 
In a long time and still have lots of other things on my playlist. Will get round to it though! 
on that chat snippet xD
I also indeed, do not care much for L4D.
Only played the demo once. 
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