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New Q1 SP Quoth: Pain In The Arch By Mfx
Features knave texture set, and should provide a decent battle.

1, 2, 3

Don�t want to spoil the party, my speedmapping entry was to late (and lame), but i had this one in the pipe... so well.

Please read the readme, and feedback is welcome, especially first run demos!

Download ZIP file
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Leck Mich Im Arch 
Downloading with the speed of light. 
Interesting, But ... 
I'm playing it right now, it looks very well, but i can't get it done without saving, because ammo is too scarce in nightmare, and there isn't good places for monster infighting.

By the way, i don't think this map is dark at all like it says in the readme. 
Aim better, force infights..;)
Darkness depends on your hardware mainly, i.e. on a Retina Display it may look even too bright..
But on older machines, especially Laptops you may have problems playin this in at highnoon. 
Cool ! 
The map looks cool !

However, there's a missing sky in some parts. There are large holes on the cavern's ceiling which should show something. I guess there should be some sky up there. Is this a bug ? 
Actually ... 
... I used all the tricks in the book, if not i wouldn't have said a thing :). The problem with the ammo is only till the drole, if i get past it the problem resolves by itself. Like i said, monster infighting can't be used because that the drole fight is the first one where you can get infighting.

What i did to fix it is throw mself into the hole without fighting the first knight and hell_knight, that saved enough ammo so i didn't have problems later.

Maybe i need to find the secrets to get more ammo ... i haven't found a single one till now, ... or i missed a box of ammo.

I'll post a demo when I complete it, tell me then if i did anything wrong :) 
Interesting, But... 
"Further take notice that playtesting of this map only took place in Fitzquake 0.85, Fitzquake MKV (under windows)
and QuakeSpasm (under OSX)."

Playtesting?? Presumably by people who think that axing Droles is perfectly normal behaviour.

At the start of this map it is evident that the sort of scare-ammo-tight-corridor gameplay that was fine in MFXSP8 does not work so well with enemies that have 5 times the HP and don't drop any ammo. It is too hard to start, and a little bit more ammo / health would have fixed that.

BUT aside from that it's rather cool. The gameplay improves a lot later on, some monster usage (death knight bosses, vores) is very good. The style, though repetitive, is nicely done and harmonious with the amount of ruination (I like the ruined bits in the library), and the interconnectivity is good.
You've certainly mastered this style as well as IdBase :).

BTW it should be obligatory to put a 15HP pack before any essential falling damage falls. 
It uses the void skybox which is shipped with Quoth.
Or not?!? 
And Guys Come On 
nightmare really? Dont try kill them all, try to stay alive!
It�s nightmare!! 
No More Deaths For Me ... For Now 
For now i haven't completed it, but i post a demo for the first half in nightmare.It's the 15th attempt or so :D, sorry it isn't the first one.

I'll probably try it in normal. Apart from Tronyn maps, i always play first in nightmare, but i'm not used to play while making a demo and it makes it harder.

Apart from the issue of the ammo, it's being a very fun map, CONGRATS 
Looks Great 
will play and record demo soon! 
mfx i hate you 
Haven't Completed It... 
I'm pretty certain this is on easy or normal... I recorded 2 demos for you - 
in fitzquake fyi 
A nice level, good ruined details and some nice setpieces. Very reminiscent of Subterranean Library. I like how the layout is interconnected like that. Also very cramped which adds to the theme/setting but was also annoying at times.

I played on hard and the first part was very tough with little ammo and even less health (I could have used that medkit that you let fall out of the map!). Still managed, albeit barely and down to red quite often in the beginning. A bit too much low-health Shambler dancing for my taste as well. Of the 5/6 secrets I found the nails behind the grate (which I found by a complete fluke) in particular and the RA were very helpful.
Good fun when getting the GL and the Quad in the library. Not so much fun with the closed-quarter back spawning.

On a technical note, don't create huge rooms for monster teleports (not that you'd need them in Quoth anyway) - only make them as big as needed, and increase the texture scale to save polys. And why use skip if you don't run the removal tool.
The floor tiles/rock transitions could've been clipped for smoother movement on the already slippery edges (nevermind if they are, they just felt slightly bumpy occasionally). What's with that clip next to the GK?!

Sorry, no demos because I accidentally overwrote the main part. 
Btw. shame about the grey sky parts. Surely, there would've been better ways of dealing with those unfinished parts in a less obvious manner. 
Very Easy Map 
mfx, yes I played it Quakespasm, on OS X. There's a sky box missing (gray parts). I'm pretty sure it's a bug in your map. 
Did A NH To

had to look around for one shy ogre but wasnt goign for fast time anyway, wasnt to hard if you take it easy, i think it was my third go. Didnt fully find out what exactly opens the quad, is it a trigger with a delay? 
can you write me a mail in deutsch,
cause i dont get whaT you are complaing about.
I�m new to this kind of mapping, and always wondered about newskip.
No clue, hope it looks great... 
it�s just the skybox files thats missing from your setup
Look in /quake/quoth/gfx/env/ for void*.tga 
what the fuck?!?
doesn�t count
Orbs, And After Seeing Your 2nd .dem 
Are you me? 
At Last ... 
... I finished the map in nightmare, it took 5 more attempts since the other demo, but it was worthy and satisfying.

Recorded in Quakespasm

The map is very good indeed, great interconnectivity and layout, good gameplay and brushwork, but you need to make the first quarter easier and the last quarter way harder, at least in nightmare. That last part was a piece of cake, i were cautious expecting something very hard, but got 2 very easy fights. I were more thrilled about having to repeat the entire map again than about the fights.

I almost forgot, i found something weird in one of the brushes, in this screenshot. 
some complain its to hard, some say its orbs
i�m getting it, wait for my 3rd release you asses...
To whom, who finishes it on nightmare gets a shoutout on my next one,
released on 23. 5.!!!! demo required..

Nightmare, really? I mean like ...pffff. 
I'm Up To The Challenge 
If you don't make it as hard as Arwop from Tronyn it is doable. 
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