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Q1SP (Quoth) - Quarantine
Hi guys.

This map requires the Quoth mod to run properly.

This is a map I made for fun in about 3 weeks or so. It's a base map. It was going to be pure vanilla, but I decided to throw a few quoth enemies in there. Though the selection is fairly reserved (for me).


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Can't Say No To A Ricky Basemap 
And Quoth makes everything better! 
hard skill demo 0/3 secrets naturally :P

The map was fun, but I was frustrated about half way through as the weapon selection was too limited. I wanted a GL at least! :)

Some sections also felt very samey, corridor with grunts, corridor with enforcers, corridor with grunts and enforcers. The occasional GL or RL grunt spiced things up however, but I think was underused in the end.

Visuals and build quality were quite nice, nothing really stood out to me as a WOW moment however, the map lacked defined areas and seemed to meld into one large mangled place :)

Felt very id style in places, just fighting through areas while looking for a key etc. This map would not be out of place as an e5m1 or something similar. 
A RickyT base map was just what I needed to fire up Quake for the first time this year.

I quite enjoyed it. It definitely lacks polish in many areas, though that is to be expected as this was done in only three-weeks time. As always, the old-school flavour to it is what grabbed me most: the deliberate angular style, good use of pitch-black shadows and subtle lighting (even a corridor illuminated by flickering lights) bring feelings of nostalgia. Starting outside and exploring an infested base, then jumping out through a teleporter: it's all nineties, very id-ish in a good sense. I also appreciate the overall scale of it, easy to stroll around and strafe even in corridors.

A few curves here and there wouldn't hurt it though. I also imagine the stairs wouldn't look out of place if only they were connected and built-up in traditional style (as of now they look a bit thin to me). I would say the glass looks ugly too, but I guess there isn't a better alternative to it, is there? Quoth base monsters of the floating variety might be used as well. Gold key door is too out of sight, while the secrets are pretty much in the open.

These are all nitpicks though. It flows well, feels solid and reeks of old-school. Fun little map that should be considered in its own terms due to the short construction time. Thanks.

First-run demo

QuakeSpasm 0.85.8
19:35 ~ 3/3s ~ 139/149k
(wonder where those ten were?) 
I Played It On Stream

Basicly what I said above ^ but thought it might be interesting for others. 
Watching Daz's stream I saw that demon at the top of the stairs and thought, "Here it comes!" But he avoided getting 1 shotted so it worked out... 
Just played it, great map!
Bit unpolished as erc said, but hey 3 weeks?
Did you sleep, and who am i to moan...
Cool Stuff, keep it going! 
Makes me smile seeing my name in the txt file of another mappers erm.. txt file.
I wish I had been a little bit more thorough with my feedback really, I forgot that /say pauses your demo recording...
Everything that has been said I vaguely mentioned, kinda wanted a bit more variety on the enemies (I think actually you did vary it up a bit more), and the ogre trap could have had a few flamethrower guys in it just to change up the gameplay.
Over-all though you made a lot more level in 3 weeks than I have in trenchbroom with mine, so hats off to you sir!

1/127 kills, 0 secrets.


Nice little map, Daz's comments are spot on, needed some more weapon progression, and the construction looked rushed (makes sense as 3 week project). 
Downloading Currently 
did my best not to read the comments above 
there are grunts and enforcers who want to kill you and stop you from getting to the end. 
Thanks! Fun Map 
having the next map as e4m4 was a suprise 
Embrace The Base 
Cool map, old school but with some new school flair. Not a huge sense of place but a fun romp nonetheless.

And what is this, apsp2 comes out in 2009 and suddenly glass in base maps is the new thing in 2013? pbrsp2 will look so passe. 

okay thought this was really good. I liked it as much as mfx's map at least. had a nice old school vibe as others mentioned, with a nice layout.

I feel like maybe I could have got the shotgun a sec earlier, but I was fine without the other weapons...
One thing that frustrated me - the ogre set up was so nice but kind of ineffective. you could just slowly take em one by one. if some triggered others etc it could have been a bit more effective, I think.

Also yeah a bob here or there would have done it for me too - love them, despite what is apparently popular opinion 
Quite Good 
Bit disappointed about how linear it was, I jumped into the water at start and expected it to be an alternate route like e2m2. I suppose I shouldn't have expected another Stark Monstrosity from a map made for fun though!

I liked how everything revolved around a huge hub here, and how vertical the progression was.

The silver keycard part was interesting in how it looked like a dark, secluded closet from one side and how it turned out to be a part of a proper area in the end.

1/3 secrets (Quad found), I hope there was a PG hidden somewhere since getting lots of cells and not being able to use them makes me sad. :( 
Not sure why you relegated Defenders to cramped corridors when they could have been great everywhere else with their grenades. 
Bugfixed Version Coming 
omg Ricky I love you!!!

Now to maps to play Negke and yours :)

hope this weekend have time for it!

demo soon! 
Easy Speedrun 
unpolished, didnt explore the map that much but goldkey seems required and this probably is the fastest way to get it 
Bug Fix 
Careless me missed 10 monsters. What a dummy. Never mind. For the record those who killed 139 on skill 2 or 3 had infact killed all that could be killed.

Moderator: Please could you update the link on the sticky to this?

Sorry to all :( 
Slight Improvement 
skipped the green armor but had to be much more carefull ,since the grunts quoth ai is significantly better then vanilla ai. pretty frustrating to get that gk this time:) 
Nice Speedrun 
I never thought that would be possible lol :D 
Quoth Grunt Ai Improved? 
I had never noticed...

and yeah Ricky, I thought I must have missed something with those extra 10! Good to know I actually did clear it out (- 1 secret). 
Updated the file at Quaddicted, pretending the new release is the only one. (.............) :P 
actually, no. since the new bsp is called quarantine02, both files will be there. 
Thanks Spirit 
Could a moderator please update the link in the sticky here? Pretty pleeaasee?!?! x 
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