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QuakeForge 0.7.2 Released.
QuakeForge 0.7.2 has been released.

0.7.1 turned out to be a bit of a train wreck. I apologize for the inconvenience. 0.7.2 is primarily a bug-fix release, but there are two rather significant new features:


* 64-bit windows target now supported (though untested).</li>
* QF no longer mangles other engines' config files on windows</li>
* Critical bug with incorrect key_dest fixed. (fixed in 0.7.1a)</li>
* Critical bug incorrect handling of progs code fixed (windows builds)</li>
* Alignment bug loading wav files fixed (affects only mips)</li>
* Id style (r_particles_style 0) particle explosions fixed (windows)</li>

For more details, see NEWS.
This Looks Sweet! 
Can someone break down or send me a link to how this differs to normal quake? new to this awesome quake thing.

also can someone tell me how to run it?
i don't think i'm doing it right. 
Hi Taniwha
Great to see that quakeforge is back.
Do you still have a music track you made called 'Deathmatch'? It was like a collage of quake samples.
I used to love that track!
Could you upload it somewhere if you still have it? I managed to lose it... 
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