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New Q1SP: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Download (36 MB):

Quaddicted page (thanks Spirit and negke!):

This oft-delayed release began as one of the maps to be included in last year's Unforgiven episode, but it soon expanded way beyond that. The end result could not even fit into the normal expanded BSP format, and therefore in order to play this map you MUST use an engine that supports the BSP2 format. Right now this is only the RMQ Engine, which is available at (other engines support earlier versions of BSP2 or will support BSP2 in the future, but don't work right now).

The main map is based on scraps by Tyrann and Necros. It features lots of exploration and 30 secrets. The latest version of Drake is required and included. System requirements, as usual, are high, due to lots of monsters and large open areas.

Please see the readme for more information and the much-deserved credits for everyone who made it possible for me to finish and release this map.
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�Something Wicked is big. You just won�t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it�s a long way down the road to the chemist�s, but that�s just peanuts to Something Wicked.� 
Quakespasm Support ? 
I didn't played this new mod yet (which looks really awesome), but can I play it with Quakespasm ? And Quoth ? 
Jesus Christ. 
this looks spectacular.

Shit ! 
So if I understand this correctly, this mod is condemned to never be played on a Mac ?

WTF ! 
Well some Quoth content is included in the new version of Drake that comes with the maps. I don't know much about macs, is Quakespasm the only engine that runs on macs? I wouldn't say never, it looks like the bsp2 format will be supported by more engines in the future; I was basically told at Inside3d, release the map and more support will follow. If it wasn't for bsp2, I wouldn't be able to compile these maps _at_all.

re: Spirit: probably because he was concerned with all the _other_ issues - heh.

re: Kingold: I'm guessing it's your graphics card... also in my experience, laptops aren't all that great for gaming. 
I played some with the latest rmq engine I have on Linux (from some demo I guess) and have noticed no weirdness with grenades.

FTEQW runs on MacOS of course.

I hope this is compiled in the format the engine masters finally agreed on. BSP2, not 2PSB if I recall correctly. I'll ask about that in #qc.

Back to the map itself:

I played a bit more than getting the GK. Never been much of a "tronyn-style" fan. So far this feels great in scale and awe but much too random to me. Great architecture but no sense of purpose. The tech weapons feel completely out of place and silly! My first impression were nail ogres wildly firing at me at such distance that I could almost not see them, gah... To this I much prefer stock vanilla Quake arsenal and enemies. I enjoy close combat more than walking a lot through empty space.

The scale of the start map was jaw dropping. I can understand how the rmq team got lost with these new possibilities. But in the end it does not actually feel/play different so far. And at least the start map also was very plain (probably possible in BSP29 as well?).

I'll wait with my judgement until I finished it. :D 
Ok, this is compiled in the "old" format. 2PSB (the first 4 bytes). RMQ people, does RMQe support BSP2? How can Tronyn compile to that?

I assume the Quakeforge tools support BSP2 but lighting might be different maybe.

It would be great if we get this first non-rmq map in the "proper final" new format as soon as possible so we do not end up with more compromises and backward compatibility in the future! 
Playing Through 
halfway thru 1st map, according to monster count. So great - youv'e done so much with that scrap! 
How do you run FTEQW on a Mac ?

From the web site, I don't see anything related to Mac : 
FTEQW is a bit messy, try from 
This is the up to the minute compile tools and engine: 
The Source 
Is available on request :) 
Mac version though, sorry. 
Mac Version ? 
So is there a Mac version or not ? Where ? 
that version doesn thave the grenade bug? 
...through the start map OK, chose skill 0 tower as is my want, into first level and find shoot button under bridge which opens grate in water, swim into newly opened area, instakill. Start again, don't open grate, find quake symbol button that opens small sluice gate bars, go into newly opened section, swim down, instakill. ? No other form of progression seems to be available to me. 
instakill? not monsters shoot you and kill you quickly, but instakill?
that HAS to be a bug. what engine are you running? 
the version that was current for SPdemo3 (winter11). I'll re-download and install/setup the engine and see if it makes a difference. 
I Noticed Some Issues With Water Movement In RMQ 
though nothing as bad as this

through the grate bars there's only a bit of swimming before arriving at some docks and dry advancement; worst case you could noclip over the water - do all the instakill deaths occur underwater? 
that was fucking amazing.
No problems, very smooth.

Skill 1 was about right for me as a skill 2 player. The end was not as impossible as most of yhour other endings, though it did take more than a few tries! I underused some powerful weapons at times - particularly the ice bow. It *is* sometimes a pain when you have like 20 weapons.

Found 1/2 secrets in the end map, found 20/30 in the main one. much more satisfying than arcdemo2 - plus it gives me yet another reason to delve into this epic map some time down the road.

So so fucking good. Thanks Tronyn. 
zomggg another one? still have than, sock and now this pack to play... will have a awesome Quake holidays this year :)

thanks all and demos will come! 
The Version 
I posted is the most up to date version of the engine that exists - no grenade bug.

Insta-gib in water is a new one on me as well.

There is no mac version of the engine because nobody on the team had a mac... 
Raising The Bar Again 
Great map. Only problem was confusion getting the correct RMQ engine. I got the full 2011 demo for the engine. Might as well include the needed engine in the distro, only a few more megs of files. Now if the coders could come up with an engine with smooth level transition. 
I Kind Of Lucked Out 
on already using the apparently really obscure RMQ engine as my main engine 
Doesn't Start In Quakespasm 0.85.7 (via Quake Injector) 
Error given:

"Mod_LoadBrushModel: maps/wickedstart.bsp has wrong version number (1112756274 should be 29)"

Looks very interesting. I want to play this map. Can anyone please tell me what I'm missinh? 
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