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Endarchy, A Doom 3 Mission
A little something I've been working on for years is finally finished, out the door and ready for downloading.

It's called Endarchy and is a single player mission for Doom 3.

The projects started life as Industri on the Tenebrae engine, way back in 2002.

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Shots looks cool
/me will download the stuff tonight ;) 
Holy shit, I remember the Industri demo. Kudos for sticking with it and getting it done. Definitely going to check this out. You may want to post this over at, I'm sure there's plenty of people there that would greatly appreciate some new Doom 3 sp maps. 
Got It 
did this map used to be called "Industri" or is that a different project? 
oh shit, you answered my question in the news post :P 
@sikkpin: I can't login to, password reset works, but then login fails again. Emails to info@ also bounce :[

More than happy for someone else to make a post there on my behalf. and were cybersquatted and the amount requested for the domains was unreasonable for a free project. So, the name was changed from industri to endarchy. 
This projects should have a FAQ or something, here you say that this is a map, and on the site it says that it's a mod. Maybe you should copy and update the "Industri, what is it?" news into separate page. 
But I said it was a "single player mission for Doom 3" above, never a single map.

If possible I would have made it as single map, and it plays as a single map but is in fact 4 maps.

As game code (not engine code) has been changed, Endarchy needs to be loaded as a mod. Turning even a single map into a "mod" is a good choice with D3. Keeps things very clean.

Thanks heaps for reading over all the news! To be honest, I like the idea of a FAQ or converting that original news post into one. I'll have to think about it and how to integrate it into the site. 
Map Vs Mission 
Most D3 players assume a "map" and "mission" are similar. A mission just has custom assets, a map doesn't (to D3 players again).

I agree are making many D3 maps in to mods. They would be mods on any of id's other games because of what's changed.

I also changed the news post on Planet Doom to clarify it's a mission not a single map.

Thanks for the new maps! 
Sorry, it's just that i'm working on a WAD for Doom II now, so all my thoughts are about "map", and you don't hear "mission" often in Classic Doom community. But still, good "About" section is always good. Tigger-oN should put his #8 post there :) 
Have only started playing this... very cool exploratory feel to it so far. 
Looks Great 
will check it out soon. 
Have To Try It Right Away 
hi tiger-on
you probably won't belive me, but reading this thread is like time travel for me. i sill remember when i started tenebrae for the first time and saw those realtime shadows. i was way back during my university years and my pc was barely capable of running it - i mean fps was around 8 in the lowest resolution available. still, i couldn't turn it off... i was amazed. those pictures of tenebrae 2.0 beat doom3 in every way.
then i found some leaked version ot industri. with the little faster pc i could actually run it - in the lowest resolution available of course :-) - and that graphics was real next-gen. i probably stil have this leaked version somewhere. i tracked this project for years. then you swithed to doom3 engine and updates stoped. i thought industri was dead.
i really have to find my doom3 instal dvd a try this. topics like this reminds me for how long i've been playing q1... almost unbelievable. 
Just got the key and chaingun and am getting my ass kicked. Good to see a doom 3 map. Wish there were more. 
Yeah, a couple of ambushes so far have been overly rough, i thought. especially the first one with the shotgun zombie. I haven't played doom3 in at least a couple of years and I had forgotten how brutal the hitscan monsters are in this game.
Caught two buckshots in the face and was down to maybe 20hp when an imp and pinky spawned behind me. o.o 
cool! i remember this for quake. wow, 10 years in development, that's a while.

will definitely play this at some stage. 
I very like use of Demons, Doom 3 should've had much more of them. The maps have Classic Doom feel, in my opinion. Achievements are not hard to find, but they add flavor. I like how there almost always were monsters in already cleared areas, when i was visiting them again. Combined with Trent Reznor's sound pack, they created nice ambient. However, there were places where monsters would just walk at you in straight line, like at the beginning of the game with zombies, or Imps near the window to the room with chaingun. Overall, this WAD ;) sure deserves more than one playthrough, good job bro!

Oh, and this mission is the first time when i played D3 with duct tape mod, and let me tell you... THE MOD SUCKS! 
I meant to comment earlier when I played it but forgot, the duct tape comment reminded me.

I did not fully play through it. I got bored somehow.

The lightsource in the crosshair was super annoying. Also I always considered the need to switch a vital element of Doom 3. Could not believe it when Willits revealed that it was a technical decision (recent interview). The BFG release will have duct tape too, I don't think that will do the game any good. Doom 3 was a average shooter with great horror/atmosphere elements. Take away from the fear and you make it worse, not better. 
Duck Tape Mod... 
Just remove the "ducktape.pk4" file if you don't want it.

I should have include that info in the readme, that the Duck Tape add-on is optional and can be safely removed without causing any issues. 
thanks for making it optional! :) 
Just started playing it, awesome so far! 
I realy like the industrial flair breathed into it, even if the Doom3 monsters sometimes look a little bit too spaceig for it imho.
Pinky for example.

The achivements are awesome!
Found the crazy guy who babbled with himself, and when i got the "computer skills" he was killed by an imp. Awwwww... 
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