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New Q1SP: "Geophobia" By Than
I finished my remix of dm7. Now with added monsters!

p.s. thanks for uploading, Spirit!
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Cool Little Map 
Just the right amount of challenge for my skills.
Found all secrets, killed all monsters except for 5 fish on hard.
Didn't record a demo because I am scum. 
Congrats on the release. You(r) rock(s)! 
Id1 Fish Fix 
Love It! 
Had fun, died my first run, but beat it the second. Only found one secret.

The rocks and architecture and how all the machinery and such looked like it might work were fucking awesome. than rocks!

My first run, it continues after I die. (quakespasm) 
when I said 'died my first run' I should clarify that to be 'died like a little bitch running and screaming' 
congrats Than a thanks a lot 
Nice One Than. 
Good use out of one room ;).

Played nice and steady on Nightmare apart from the ending which was unsurvivable first go if you'd wasted any RA, but easy once you'd got the knack. Good use of vores and scrags in this.

Finding the way into the MH took me longer than playing the map! 
First Run 
Really enjoyed this! Good fun!

Demo of first run below. 14 minutes, no secrets(:[): 
My Shitty Skill3 Demo 
Very Nice 
Skill 1
secrets 3/4

A very nice little map. In spite of the small size and large number of monsters, this was not a simple mash. Play was interesting.
The architecture also liked.

Very nice job! Thanks.

ps.Why you did not clear the water? 
You Used My Name! 
Perfect Timing. 
Will play tonight. Hope your obsession remains thoroughly unstated and you produce a few more of these soon! 
Looks Awsome!!! 
just played through part of it this morning, love the sense of proportion and geometric details so far.

I also was very happy to use two ogres to kill a vore, was this what you had in mind when you set up that first vore spawn? 
Found 4/4... "Easy" my ass. 
since I am a good person. Found the megahealth - by accident. I feel how every other person who plays this will: It is an exceptionally classy and well organized piece of work. Looking forward to whatever you find time to finish next!

Demo in Quakespasm 
Just Replayed 
found all 4 secrets!
Also realized I was being a dumbass in the previous demo, trying to figure out how the grate I came out of opened for 100 hours. 
I did a DM version for one of our demos, and got heavily stuck on the 'big room' thing - did you hit the same problem?

Play was fun, if sometimes harsh - nails before belltower would have helped.

A lot nicer on the eyes than my version.

Neat and compact.

My secret-fu was well off, didn't get any on first run. 
LOL ! 
Guys, try playing this -nice- map on nightmare skill, using the DMSP mod (the DMSP mod adds an ivasion of about 100 random monsters on any map. This is a must-have mod !). Simply hilarious and twisted. Turn ON the God mode, though !

I've found that secret reversed american mc'gee head room. Funny, but wtf !? 
Thanks for the comments. Glad you guys like the map.

metl: I thought players would generally kill one or two of the ogres before the vore appears, but I don't have any problems with using them in that way :) By the way, the ogres can throw a grenade across the bridge, and often it will bounce of the bridge directly through the window of the opposite tower. That was an awesome fluke.

ijed: I never really thought of it as a big room, more a space with sub-spaces inside (the building, the small corner towers, the pipes) and tried to think of a layout that would fit inside and make sense. I had a basic plan of the layout before I started it, and this was refined as I went in order to get more gameplay time out of the map without any large expansions. I find these dm conversions much easier than working from scratch, since you have a basic layout and can fly around it in noclip mode and imagine a layout. 
..surely A Nice Map But 
it's too reminiscent of that "GloomKeep" from
original id maps.. really not my cup of tea

howewer any new quake map is a welcome one feeding my videogamer hunger 
it's too reminiscent of that "GloomKeep" from
original id maps.. really not my cup of tea

I assumed that was Than's intention..... 
nice little map! little maps are the future because they're getting finished! ;> 
Nice Map 
first soem casual playdied 2x, then dida run in 0:57 basic trick is the endporter is only protected from below didnt browse for secrets only found rl so might be better routes 
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