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RemakeQuake Winter Demo 2011
Here's the d/l link: download
The RemakeQuake blog with screenshots: blog
And our public forum for feedback: forum

The pack consists of four large levels by myself and Ricky along with a load of new Qc, sound and engine features. Shortly we'll be releasing the tools version as well, which features the BSP2 tools. A small detail was omitted from the readme, that being the correct command line of:

-game rmqwinter11 -sndspeed 44100

Let us know what you think, this has been a long time in the making, but we're pretty pleased with the results.
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Sad Truth, Jarjar 
The team has demonstrated resistance against most kinds of constructive critic in the past so don't waste your energy trying to help them make it good. 
*considering The Title Of The Thing 
but also if I pretend I do not know Quake and look at it as standalone thing 
(This is what I've seen so far ...)

1. These maps might be the best looking Quake maps of all time.
2. Only Tronyn could put more monsters in a map
3. Lots of detail in the environment.
4. Fullbright textures well used.
5. The maps look very well thought out. And they don't look robotic or sterile.
6. The weapons and box models look good. The new monsters look good.
7. The few monster sounds, like the grunts, that I'm not super-fond of, can get lost in the other noises of combat and when they are dead they quit making the noise anyway.
8. The maps are really fantastic with complex stuff in places.

If there is a problem here, I'm not seeing it.

In a lot of ways at least to me, playing this is a pleasant relief:
* It has similar gameplay to Quake
* Isn't fiends and shamblers for the 487th time.

I think 95% of the changes are extremely positive and creative. And these maps are about 2 or 3 times better than I expected. I think the blurs positively add to the feel of playing something new and different. 
Well for the record, I'm not really interested in what Quake was designed to be, or what Romero thinks it was supposed to be, but what it actually became. I think both addon packs are shit. I think Daikatana is shit, but I also think Quake 2 is dull and boring and iD have never produced anything truly brilliant since Quake 1. So clearly removing Romero from iD did affect something. But perhaps at the same time the rest of the iD team prevented some elements that Romero was keen on seeing the light of day, we'll never really know. Romero has it on record he was really against the game they ended up making, as he just saw it as cloning Doom.

The key thing is what qualities the game in the game has in the end, and they must be superb ones because we're all still playing it.

Think about it from the point of view of editing a film. Why did Kubrick decide to remove the pie fight from Dr. Strangelove? What specifically made the narration of Blade Runner so awful it ruined the film? 
Hey Now 
the mission packs are damn good.

Thans for that man. 
If You Guys Seriously Believe That Zqf 
didnt make a real argument in his post, that is just stupid.

If you dont want to adopt it, fine. It is your mod after all. But to say that is not a real argument and should be automatically dismissed is silly.

The way I see it from the above posts is this:

The RMQ team, or at least gb and some others, think of quake as an action game with a healthy amount of cheese. And so in their reinterpretation, the level of cheese is being upped in the same proportion as everything else.

A lot of the so called 'dissenters' do not see the alleged cheese and think of quake as a highly atmospheric action game.

Given all that, probably best to go to a final release next. 
"The original shouts by the Enforcer were pretty bad quality and short in length (file size?). Maybe that's what made them less intelligible. "

Really, thats counted as an argument and zqf's post is not? If they were meant to be intelligible, short file size or not, they would have been intelligible. Look at the rest of the world, how much of it is intellgible? 
and for the record, I'm looking forward to the final release, if only for the maps.

I just dont like the high and mightiness from both sides of the fence. 
Seems you read a lot more into my post than I meant.

I never said that ZQF didn't make an argument, or that an idle aside about file quality / length was supposed to be some sort of counter-argument to some post a page or two ago. 
His opinion is completely validated by how he's presenting it, and the reasoning he's explained. 
Read gb's post. He says the argument was clutching at straws. That's an outright dismissal. 
"So we agree that there isn't actually that much Lovecraft in Quake, yes? Awesome, then we can let that rest."

This has been suggested time and time again but if you want to avoid these tiresome and redundant arguments, change the name of the project.

"RemakeQuake", as a name, carries a ton of baggage with it. 
Kind Of On The Subject 
I was thinking of naming my giant merged megamod project, when it's out some time this year, "Drake: A Vision of Quake" so as to express that it's one interpretation that plays up certain aspects of the original, especially the medieval thread. 
Mac Build 
I have built the engine on OS X, and it ran fine with a few minor glitches. Since I can't compare it to the Windows build, I made a demo where I show the glitches. It would be nice if someone could watch it and confirm which of those are known problems and which are specific to this build. One thing I noticed was that the light around the laser beams was very bright and looked odd. It's described in the demo and I have also made a screenshot.

MH, I have also made a patch against r3.485, it would be nice if you could review and apply it. I also had to change a bunch of function pointer types because the compiler would not find them. Everything else works fine. I have also included the UDP networking driver instead of the broken one from my original SDL port.

If anyone else wants to try this build, you have to download the demo from here, unpack it, use the Windows installer to extract the files and place then move the rmqwinter11 folder and the build into your Quake folder.

Ok, here are the files:
OS X build (OS X 10.6+ on 32bit or 64bit systems)
Demo of E2M1RQ with some visual glitches
Odd lighting of enforcer laser beams
Patch against r3.485 for MH

If you run into any problems with this build, report here and I'll see what I can do. 
Re: Trolling 
The team has demonstrated resistance against most kinds of constructive critic in the past so don't waste your energy trying to help them make it good.

This is bullshit; re-read this thread and see how we reacted to serious technical criticism. We are very open towards it. It is quite illuminating that the only things you posted in this thread, Spirit, were obviously meant to portray us in a bad light. That's pure classical trolling.

Nitin: The comment about being clutching at straws was made @ Fladjern, not at ZQF. I said I respected ZQF's opinion but didn't share it. Re-read the thread.

@ all: We have every right to make the kind of game we want to make, due to us being the ones getting off our arse and making it. If you call this attitude high-and-mighty, and if you perhaps think you should be the ones making the game (only with us doing the actual work, you know), then we're not living in the same world. Let's see how many shits id software or Zenimax will give about you when they one day decide to remake Quake.

@ the name: We can name our game what we want, I'm sorry, but deal with it.

If you'll excuse me now, I have work to do. I'll gladly answer any more serious feedback towards the demo, and I'd like to watch more demos, but a lot of you are just wanting to act butthurt and troll, so I'll leave you to that. Not that I expected anything else. 
This is bullshit; re-read this thread and see how we reacted to serious technical criticism.

Actually, I read the last demo thread, and apparently barely anything that was universally complained about was changed.

If you post demos and then tell everyone to fuck off with their opinions, then it's not us who are trolling. 
I remember reading that and being disappointed that you didn't like it :( 
Does the random enemy placement also happen when I load a savegame? Because I could have sworn that after I loaded a savegame, there were enemies there which I had killed before. 
I Could Be Wrong About This 
but I believe that the enemies which have already spawned at the start of the map will remain in the same place, but the enemies which are randomly spawned that are triggered as you progress are chosen at the point that they are triggered, so there will be some enemies which are in the same place when you load a savegame, but some which would be triggered later on which could theoretically spawn differently. 

The topic has text in it that says:

"Let us know what you think"

If you aren't actually interested in feedback, then please don't put that in your news topics. Or change it to, "Praise is welcome and nothing else" or something like that. 
I mean, ffs, stop whining about you being the ones doing all the work. You chose that! Nobody is forcing you to work on this thing.

And if you're going to be a pissy prick every time you release a demo and people start telling you what they like and don't like, DON'T RELEASE DEMOS. Just work on your game in isolation and be happy. 
SleepwalkR: Odd Lighting Of Enforcer Laser Beams 
It's a 'corona' light blob, just like in bad'ol glquake. Cant turn it off, unfortunately. 
It seems more pronounced, or maybe QuakeSpasm doesn't have it so I'm not used to it anymore.

On a different note, I seem to be able to walk through the ladders to and on board the ship in e2m3rq. Is that a bug that's in the Windows version, too? For the ladder that leads up to the ship, I had to noclip to get aboard. 
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