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RemakeQuake Winter Demo 2011
Here's the d/l link: download
The RemakeQuake blog with screenshots: blog
And our public forum for feedback: forum

The pack consists of four large levels by myself and Ricky along with a load of new Qc, sound and engine features. Shortly we'll be releasing the tools version as well, which features the BSP2 tools. A small detail was omitted from the readme, that being the correct command line of:

-game rmqwinter11 -sndspeed 44100

Let us know what you think, this has been a long time in the making, but we're pretty pleased with the results.
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Awesome. In that case, sorry for misinterpreting it. 
oh come on, I just wanted to make a snarky comment about mental age and stuff. 
It's not grasping out of ass, its science see: "The physical hypothesis".

There is no humor in a game acting like a brat from halo mp xboxlive and insulting the player if you didn't get the other post. Couldn't care less about Lovecraft in a q2-like base levels, but gamedev being an ass and insulting the player is never good. 
Nice Demo 
Thanks for that. It was great you play a lot like me. I should do a demo showing all of the secrets :) I think you missed 1 monster, the other two are because of the '1' monster I spoke of before being 2 on skills 2 and 3 :|

Well played! 
Part of ID's original design concept for Quake was to have the Ogre pissing on the player after killing him. I'd suggest that in the intervening years maybe some have evolved their own strange idea of "what Quake is" that's not necessarily correct. 
gb you make a good point about the fact that silly kill mesages were already in the game, so I have tried to think why that doesn't bother me... I think it is something about the breaking of illusion between the world of the game and the game itself, which does sound very fuzzy, but here is what I mean:

The messages that pop up to tell the player he 'got eviscerated by a fiend' is a message from the game itself along with 'you got some shells', the games master of our D&D campaign is giving us information, sometimes comically. But the Enforcer calling the player a 'noob' is a character within the game suddenly leaping out into the world of internet multiplayer and throwing a cliche at me. An enforcer is part of the world of the game, it is not a gamer in a multiplayer match, who I will spam :}}}}} at

I feel that this is probably why it rubs me personally, and it may totally be something no-one else has a problem with.

And yes, Romero did put his head in Doom 2, and his voice, but they weren't overt. It's a weird easter egg that is disguised in the normal game to not be noticed, like the Rot Fish. Daikatana takes Romero's cheesiness to the extreme and really does feel stupid when your high-pitched crap-japanese-accented sidekick says 'suck it down'. Again, it's a difference between the world the game gives us and the game itself.

I'm really not trying to be pointlessly negative or snarky, and your replies do force me to rationalise my thoughts on it. But they are genuine. 
Part of ID's original design concept for Quake was to have the Ogre pissing on the player after killing him.

Part of the original design was a third person action game where you were Thor. Sometimes stuff that is changed or missed out is a good thing. 
I Have To Agree With ZealousQuakeFan 
and I think he made a very good argument that the insult was dished out by the game rather than by the enemy. And even if the "original concept" for the ogre was to piss on the player - it's not in the game, so that doesn't count. I would really prefer it if the enemies don't talk (english, at least). They can eat my corpse or even piss on it, because that would fit with the idea I have of their characters. For me, Quake enemies don't talk to me. At least not in a way that I can understand. 
The Enforcer... ID Quake talks in English. 
You're Right 
but it's still almost unintelligible... and he doesn't taunt me, either. I think the only things he says is "stop" and "you there", is it? 
This is why I like working with smart people. 
There's A "HALT!" In There Too If Memory Serves. 
Going completely off-topic, I reckon those voices are most likely Romero. He was heavily involved in the sound element of the game, and would be a prime candidate. 
Hang One 
corpe humping

I guess you don't really have any good counter arguments or are you just being smug and dismissive for the fun of it? 
Whats the bind for it, or does it work at all? 
I�m at work, and don�t have time for your trolling. 
The Hook 
It is "+hook", just like in most old school quake mods. Sorry, we should have given a message; this will be fixed.

Sleepwalkr et al.: You're really counting beans now, right. Just admit that you have no real argument, or you'll descend into pure trolling.

Flatiron: I know that, but it has really little to do with why you don't like the blaster sound. It was a strawman argument, so I said you were grasping at straws to defend your position.

ZQF: I respect your opinion, but we'll have to agree to disagree. 
Part of the original design was a third person action game where you were Thor.

Indeed, and so Quake's first mission pack promptly included Thor's mighty hammer, Mjolnir. I think the name "Thor" is actually in there as well. From there, along with a couple other things, it made its way into Quoth (admittedly without the lightning), which as we all agree, does everything right.

Hence, why should RMQ not have ogres pissing on the player? I'll tell you, the only reason was because none of us wanted to model an ogre cock until now. I guess some people here would actually love to debate what a true Ogre cock needs to look like in order to be Quake. More like the rocket launcher, or more Perforatorish? 
We could detect the player name and then, if it corresponds to a certain list make the Ogres have Quad, Pent, and dimension door, and then piss on the head after they gib them... 
Teabagging could be the non-cock alternative. 
I was actually genuinely curious as to why I have certain feelings and experiences with some mods and games and different ones with others. But apparently no one else cares about really discussing this sort of thing so nm 
A Button 
So I figured you used _luma instead of fullbrights, but forgot to include them for the buttons, thats why they are not very visible.

How it should looks it blinks too, so now you wont miss the buttons in the dark. - unpack into /textures obviously 
I see where' you're coming from. Things inside the world should ideally only 'know' about their world.

Having said that, no creation is uninfluenced by others. Of course, there's a big difference between Ogres looking like leatherface and monsters using DM taunts.

But, we've all been playing this game a long time now - including these sorts of in-jokes is almost impossible, especially when they were such a part of the original, although to a smaller degree.

Basically, we're making the game much bigger, and not just the maps.

The original shouts by the Enforcer were pretty bad quality and short in length (file size?). Maybe that's what made them less intelligible.

I suppose we could always email Romero to ask him, but 'what would id do?' is a pretty good way of having a completely stagnant design, which results in a shit game.

Think how many 'clones' of other games you've played, and how many were worth the time. 
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