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Cornered - A Left 4 Dead 2 Survival Map
Cornered is a survival map for Left for Dead 2 featuring a night time setting and a semi random rain storm with lightning to spice things up a bit! :)

Multiple hold-out spots are provided for re-playability.

Info/screens/download -
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What's Your Steam Name? 
Is out just DaZ? I might have time tomorrow night to play. Steam name is BetterThanUNIX iirc. 

Im in the func_group also. 
Will check it out later. I've been wanting to try L4D2 mapping too but I can't get the tools to work (Hammer crashes on load with some BEX error, though the L4D1 Hammer works fine...) 
This is the most polished community-made Survival map I've played. I notice a few people have taken issue with the light beams and they are unrealistically bright, but I'd put that down to artistic license personally. I'm afraid on my last playthrough I came across two areas that could do with some clipping if you ever decide to release a V2. First is the ventilation unit on the wall of the apartments facing the jeep, which you can get on to by jumping from Fence -> Roof of security hut -> Vent. Sometimes the infected get lucky and drop down to it from the roof, but it's quite possible to camp up there and snipe for a good while, and it confuses the hell out of bots. The second is a potentially more serious problem on the opposite corner of the map in that little courtyard with ammo and fuel canisters. If you jump on the pile of bin bags and go in to the corner you get stuck behind the lamp sticking out of the wall and have to noclip out.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I really think mappers who earnt their stripes on earlier games like Quake 1 are the best to go out and map for newer games, if nothing else then to show newer enthusiasts how it's done. There's a lot less artistry/imagination in the majority of new game community maps, presumably because they've never had to work within the constraints of an aging engine.

Than, you might be able to reconfigure L4D1 tools to compile to L4D2. I used to have a similar sounding problem with the L4D2 tools but it stopped when I installed Windows 7 -- god knows why. 
i want to play it i can't even host a local game.

btw invite me to the func_group too, my steam name is pulsargh 
Arse Burgers 
Thanks fish! I may well end up doing a v2 as some people on the l4dmaps page have raised some issues also, nothing game breaking but annoyances none the less. The getting stuck on the lamp thing is a serious sadface though, sigh. And to think I spent hours jumping absolutely everywhere trying to find shit like that, lol.

Glad you enjoy the map anyways, I'll have to organise some func_ers for some 4player action some time :) 
What I Really Like About This Map. 
IS having to go through 25 seperate download windows and then type in some bollox captcha just to get the bloody thing.

Anyway, count me in, bitches. 
Final Version 
I am working on a final (and I mean final dammit!) version of the map, with all the fixes and tweaks that have come up since the release, plus some more stuff.

Text_Fish you seem like a bug finder from heaven ( or is it hell? :D) would you be cool with running around this final version once its done before I release it to the masses? Or anyone else for that matter!

- fixed some more clipping issues
- texture changes
- added some more items
- added 2 more radios to start the event
- added some more lights in places

Oh, and before I forget, I wonder if any of the photoshop pro's here would be interested in whipping up a quick loading screen poster for me? Nothing fancy just a brick wall with a poster with a mapshot on it like the standard left4dead loading screen posters... 
How do you install this shit again?? 
Lol. Yeah no worries, I'm happy to help! Just let me know when it's ready and I'll redownload. Or if you'd rather keep it private you can send it to t***h*e**_*s*a****c*ro*s*an**c*t*@*h*otm*a***il*.*c*o*m without the *'s. 
Silly Func_ 

May as well have skipped the stars all together and just done two posts! 
Ummm K. 
It worked. I'm in. Losers! 
played it finally. very nice atmosphere, dark and moody level. nice one, daz 
You got mail :) 
Final Version Released 
Fixed all known bugs and added scavenge mode support. Also some misc tweaks to the visuals etc.
Sorry if you already downloaded the older version, I promise I won't release another update ;) 
Damn Damn DAMN 
I missed out on this altogether! Looks killer Daz - gonna try it out this weekend! 
I Don't Play L4D2 
but if I did, I'd play this. You're a legend, Daz, this looks awesome.

Also, Text_Fish, well said mate, that was a good pep talk! 
It feels like there's a lot of movement to the level, whilst normally survival maps are find a ledge to exploit, pile a load of barrels under it and hang on for 7 minutes.

I;d suggest some of the props up near the radio could have been removed though, just to make it really obvious to the players that it's not really a defensible position.

Visually, great. Not a lot to say really. It could have had some changes over time to reflect the intensity of the battle (more rain, lightning etc), but I don't know how feasible that is since I never mapped for L4D.

Good work. 
Glad You Like It 
I did create it with a sort of deathmatch map mentality, I wanted people to keep moving around the map in order to stay stocked up on supplies, rather than just hole up in an area and ride it out.

The highest radio area (there are actually 3 start radio's in the map) was a troublesome area to get right, I did actually remove a lot of cover from that area during testing and added the two infected ladders to make it very, very tough to stay there. Perhaps it's still a bit to survivor friendly, I'll chalk it up to experience and move on :)

The lightning storm does trigger more often if the survivors are doing well, its linked directly to the ai directors anger level, and during a lightning storm the director will spawn more zombies. I like the idea that a map will change over time however, I will try and incorporate something like that into my next map :) 
Would be really cool. Maybe have the tanks break down walls as they arrive, or smash bridges and so on.

I could even see that sort of thing as a campaign map level, just based in a single area, which changes as the players get closer to completing it. 
Have you tried "Helms deep reborn" survival map? It follows that design and doe's a very good job of it, as time goes on different events happen and you are pushed back from the walls into the keep etc. 
Not Sure - 
I did play one LOTR themed campaign which was pretty frustrating, tbh. It had one bit where you read a book on top of a well, then four tanks arrive.

Is that the same one? 
This One.

It's survival only, but plays like a campaign really. I don't think I ever got far enough to see 4 tanks so can't really answer that :) It's good fun though. 
Not the same one... I'll try and dig out the set since searching didn't turn it up.

It was multiple themes as I remember now; Tintin, the Mines of Moria, haunted house and a few others.

I'm getting old, I think it was L4D1. 
That One 
does look pretty impressive in any case 
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