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Cornered - A Left 4 Dead 2 Survival Map
Cornered is a survival map for Left for Dead 2 featuring a night time setting and a semi random rain storm with lightning to spice things up a bit! :)

Multiple hold-out spots are provided for re-playability.

Info/screens/download -
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grats on releasing this! wish i could play it-- looks fantastic. :) 
When are we going to set up a play session or two for this? Haven't played L4D2 in quite a while, would be fun to play with func_ peeps. 
Looks Cool 
Like the faintly blueish fog/light.

Count me in, will be around next week or maybe tomorrow. 
I Just Started Playing Again 
But doubt I'll be in the right time frames.

Will add this to our playset in any case, it looks good. 
I Fail At Survival

Would be great to play with some func_ers maybe tomorrow (sunday) afternoon/evening. I'll be in tf or you can grab me on steam! 
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