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Bugdm10 - Q2DM Map By BUGMAN.
Bugman writes: "This marks my official return to mapping, after a 12 year hiatus. I ended in 1999 with bugdm9, a Q2 dm map, and so I've picked back up with bugdm10. I'm also re-releasing my previous eight dm maps, both individually and as a single zip file. Since it's been so long since the first eight came out, I thought the re-release would be appropriate. The earlier you go in my maps, you'll see the quality drop off, so I'm posting these here in all humility. In bugdm2, for instance, the lip around the water in the basement is too high to allow the player to get out. Whoops. I thought about re-working the maps and then re-releasing, but that would be confusing with the old versions of the maps already out there, and frankly, there are more exciting things to do than rework old ideas. Anyway, for nostalgia's sake, here they are:"

Bugdm10 - Brooding. Seething. (New)
Download Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3

Previous Maps:

Bugdm9 - The Gruf: Download Screen
Bugdm8 - Inner Thunder: Download Screen
Bugdm7 - Isolation Therapy: Download Screen
Bugdm6 - The Dent: Download Screen
Bugdm5 - Desparation's Edge: Download Screen
Bugdm4 - The Septic Tank: Download Screen
Bugdm3 - One Man's Junk: Download Screen
Bugdm2 - Bludgeon: Download Screen

Download them all here: Download
The screens look pretty solid. Didn't look at the rest 'cause I don't have Quake2 on my drive and don't have much interest in Q2, even though I instantly bought it as soon as I heard it was out in my country, only to find out it was totally different from the game I loved (Q1). It was a fine game in itself. Just completely not what Q1 lovers liked: gloomy atmosphere with ogre's and knights, and a variety of other styles. I remember an ID Software member saying that perhaps they shouldn't have called their games Quake2, Quake3, etc., because they were all different games and therefore the titles were misleading. Gonna stop the rant here while I still can.
Still good job as far as I can see from the screenies. 
They Seem Orange Alright 
3 Quakes... 
Megalodon, I agree, the games are all very different. I wasn't so hot on Q1 (boo, hiss, I know), but I loved (love) Q2, as I have a thing for dingy, dark industrial gloom (as opposed to ogre and knight gloom). Q3A really didn't do it for me either. The game seemed really thrown together. The engine was fun, but there was no substance to the game. And quite frankly, I didn't understand the theme, either. Monsters, Quake dudes, Doom guys, kung fu monks (seriously, wtf?)... temples, outer space, industry... um... it was like they dumpt the "cool crap" drawer out of their desk and onto Carmac's new engine. Whoopie. 
Why What? 
Regarding SP Maps 
A few on this thread's original location had been asking for Q1/Q2 SP maps... I don't think I'll ever do one. Sorry. I take far too much pleasure from fighting human opponents to take the time to design an SP map and battle AsI (artificial semi-intelligence). SP is a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, but I find that Q2's SP just gets tedious. 
Had A Walkaround 
Aside from the aesthetics, the item placement in bugdm10 is interesting and makes for some intelligent gameplay. It gives the map character, which is sometimes lacking in other maps. 
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