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Dark Ritual (Single Player Version)
Another DM->SP conversion. This time Dark Ritual by Tyrann:
A medium-sized dark industrial base where an arcane ritual takes place at midnight.

While the original layout and the deathmatch settings remain unchanged, there are several new and extended areas in single player mode. The rooftops are accessible with additional rooms and corridors, and there is an Ogro-style arena for an annoying boss fight.

The level is very dark - I didn't change the lighting of the original map, only increased the sun-, well, moonlight slightly. So be sure to adjust the brightness slider if necessary. Admittedly, Tyrann's lighting technique here was pretty odd, with a large number of low point lights - DP users will have to disable real-time world lighting for proper performance.

The level is released under the terms of GPL and the map source is included. As mentioned, credit goes to Tyrann for the original design.

That screenshot is awesome. Rune-love FTW!!! 
Cool Map ! 
This is a cool map. Now part of my permanent Quake1 collection.

Thanks a lot !

Q1 still live, even after I played Borderlands ! :-) 
Thanks Negke! 
Played Up To Annoying Part 
This is great, and totally unexpected, on several levels. Good job! How long did it take to put it all together? 
Nice map!

Liked how the earth-enemies "transformed" into elder ones, cool effect.

Also good that it only took three or however many hits it was to kill the boss, and not ten or something which would only have been tedious.

Demo for you my friend! 
That was a pretty nice little boss setup! Really liked the angled cannon blaster trap! 
..those Enforcers On Their Knees ?! 
how did you get those believers/cultist enforcers on their knees ?
-through a func_frame ?
-through a new animation/scene in the .mdl? 
This Was Fab 
much better than most dm-sp conversions because the atmosphere was great (Especially the lighting) and the new areas added a suitably impressive set piece scenario. 
as usually an awesome work from negke :) didn't get at first how to kill that shamby... had to replay again but was great fun...

thanks negke for another great map!~

There it goes my first demo! I'm a noob was wasted in the torture room :( 
Not Annoying At All... 
Nice tight, back-tracking layout -- but I guess that's what you get typically when you retrofit a DM map for SP. I liked the lasers and the ladders.

The monster metamorphosis routines where an excellent touch -- although once a hellknight spawned in knee-deep to the floor :) The dog-to-spawn trick reminded me of the Thing.

The kneeling enforcers were nice, too, but they disappeared so quickly. If it weren't for the screenshot, I don't think I even would have recognized what I saw.

The last area was also good and, thankfully, it didn't take me long to coax the hacked shambler to his demise.

Neat fun as always, Negke! Thank you very much! 
Great work, really enjoyed it.
The boss was indeed annoying :) 
Negke you are a really talent and smart guy!

Someone should give you a job in the game industry... but not for mapper, you have talent to coordinate a project!

/me Gets The Lube For Trinca 
Seriously though, this is in fact a great map. I for one liked the end boss and didn't find him too hard. 
I'm not sure if the details belong to Tyrann or Negke, but the antennae were nice. As were the platform connectors.

The architecture in the last (Ogro) area was great, too! 
Very Cool. 
I enjoyed this one. I found the lower levels a bit....backtracky, but as you progressed it got pretty interesting. Good gameplay, nice surprises, I felt okay for health but a bit pressed for ammo (but never too pressed). Good use out of a stylish map. The boss combat was a bit annoying but not desperately so. 
Played And Enjoyed But... 
but I died in the last room after killing the shambler. I accidentally into a pit of spikes. A bitter ending.

But, as always, it's a map full of imaginative trickery which I just love, and on a good scale. 
I Liked 
the ammo situation - felt pressed as well but never actually ran out or needed to axe things etc. 
Whatta Play. 
Whatta map.

Whatta man. 
Drew: a couple of days, longer than expected/intended. Originally I only wanted to make the sky brushes a bit neater, then I thought why not allow the player to walk on the roofs. They were supposed to be connected by bridges and maybe simple corridors, but then upon doing those I looked at the back brushes of the existing map and turned them into extra areas.

The boss 'fight' could have used more tweaking. I lost interest in optimizing it further considering how much longer the map had taken already. The lightning trap in particular is a missed opportunity - it took the longest to make (and I didn't even chose the best method) but the shambler often falls off. I also think the shambler is too slow to be challenging - its speed value is increased a lot, but it's still nowhere near player speed.

Delor: it's an info_notnull hack. See the "Teaching old progs.dat new tricks" thread for explanation.

Tyrann's other DM maps have great potential for singleplayer-mappification, too. btw 
Boss Battle 
I liked the idea quite a bit. But I got bored and just quad lightning gunned it after a few rounds in multiple traps hadn't killed it :E

What's the variable to change monster speed btw? Sounds like fun :) 
Nice Map 
well done again negke, this is cool stuff. I always thought this was a cool-looking DM map (nice smooth architecture, "dark base" theme) so an SP version sounded great. the evil magic converting humans to monsters was a really cool idea. your take on tyrann's title was good. the LG secret was nice, and the boss part was good (kind of like some of the scenarios in lower forecourt, but I think it worked better here). overall great work. 
OMG !! 
Very well re-spin of the DM map.. A little bit too dark though.. Didn't find any secret, but completed the game quite easily :D
Very well done ! 
Thanks For This! 
Smooth progression through a tightly-built, greatly themed map - good work as always, negke.

First run, around 13 minutes, 2/3 secrets. It does not contain the boss battle since I died while checking the traps. :) 
Cool, very cool
I like this hack with info_notnull! 
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