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Spirit1dm3 -- Zeal & Fury (Quake MP)
Here is the final release of Zeal & Fury, a small FFA map for Quake. It has lots of stuff to pick up for its size and many fun jumps, all of which are possible in both NQ and QW. The map comes in a zip that includes various goodies like loc/lit/dlit files and great waypoints for FrikBotX that were made by Lightning_Hunter.


Thanks to all the people who helped with playtesting, comments and suggestions at, and Euroquake (

Direct download link:

More info on the map (readme, youtube video link, more screenies) is available at my website:


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Spirit1dm3 - Now With SP Mode! 
Well Baker, "Selbst ist der Mann" (as spirit would say - the dfsp one anyway), the proper response to your dismissal of new DM maps.

This being a GPL release allows every last random person to hack in a quick single player mode like I did here. Problem solved. ->

While at it, I also fixed the most blatant visual and technical issues. The DM settings are unchanged, so the map will play exactly like the original release - the only exceptions are a few additional clip brushes and the step behind the MH which I expanded so it runs from wall to wall now.

It was kind of fun. This would even make a nice community event where a bunch of people take a DM map and add SP - interesting to see what people come up with in such a restricted environment - different paths and gameplay setups etc.

GG spirit. :) 
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