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Spirit1dm3 -- Zeal & Fury (Quake MP)
Here is the final release of Zeal & Fury, a small FFA map for Quake. It has lots of stuff to pick up for its size and many fun jumps, all of which are possible in both NQ and QW. The map comes in a zip that includes various goodies like loc/lit/dlit files and great waypoints for FrikBotX that were made by Lightning_Hunter.


Thanks to all the people who helped with playtesting, comments and suggestions at, and Euroquake (

Direct download link:

More info on the map (readme, youtube video link, more screenies) is available at my website:


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I just watched the YouTube video and it looks like a fun little MP map. 
Heartfelt Thoughts ... 
Extra_spirit ... you know because we've got that other one ...

First, I have to say that you get the idea of comprehensive DM mapping for Q1 far beyond most. You test in Quake. You test in Quakeworld. You test with bots. You do .loc files. You provide .way files. You open source your shiznit.

You provide ever oodle of evidence that you "get it".

Except ...

Single player maps are where it is at!

No amount of dm map making (well with the possible exceptions of aerowalk by preacher, aggressr by tyrann, ultrav by [I forgets]) can match the greatness of a high quality q1 single player release.

Have you considered the idea of stepping up to the next level and making a Q1 [or even Quoth) single player release.

[Quoth is ok, there is an improved open source clone of that mod that has been made but not released.]

This isn't a critique of this map ... which I have not played, but rather the critique of the idea of generic new DM maps (no matter how great the experience is.] 
I would love to see a singleplayer release, even a small one, from such a talented mapper :) 
In Short: Yes 
I still play way more MP than SP and I enjoy making tourney maps so I don't fully agree with everything you said there, hehe. Most likely it's true from both the technical and design perspectives, but nothing's more exciting and fun than playing 1vs1 against somebody who's on your skill level for me.

But I also love the SP maps released here, I've been playing many of them during the last few weeks. And yes, I've actually been thinking about a SP map lately, maybe together with Shadow). But this is gonna take some time I guess so don't expect results too soon. ;)

Btw: the last SP map I made was for Doom II when I was in 7th grade or something I guess. 
Poor texture work. Apparently, properly scaled and aligned bricks and tiles are still too much to ask for even today. But still, at least the most obvious unaligned textures like the wizmet rivets could have been aligned here. I do like the theme, though. It's very arcane Quakey.

There are a few brushwork niggles, too, but nothing serious. The colored didn't seem to work right in Fitzquake, it was all Disco Crate�.
Lots of files in the zip, quite messy, but I guess it's good you provided everything necessary (loc files and such), and already in the right folders.

Haven't played it against opponents, so I can't really comment on the layout, but judging from an offline run-through and the youtube video, it seems fast and tight, with nice trick jump possibilities. Not sure about the ammo. Small nail boxes only (plus the regular NG which is useless in DM) but at the same time 5 rockets next to the RL - considering Quake's weapon (un)balance, I think it would have been better to at least make sure the player has enough nails should he be forced to use them. And rather another SNG instead of the NG.

Anyway, give me a few hours - I have something cooking here. ;) 
I notest one thing

RA near 100%?

the first player that control Ra will win match... is just a matter of timming :\ 
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