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SM161: 50 Brushes
Here is the latest speedmapping pack.
8 SP maps by ericw, ijed, RickyT23, Spirit, TRINCA, ZealousQuakeFan, and Zwiffle, each of them using not more than 50 visible brushes. ericw's and ZQF's maps require Quoth.


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*and Trinca Of Course 
Sorry :P 
Shit, Its Seems I'm Late 
gonna check it right now 
Hehe Cool. 
Eric nice atmosphere, couldn't find the baby thing.

Ijed pretty fun.

Ricky awesome.

Trinca like most trinca maps but fun.

Zwiffle, cool, gonna have to play it killing all enemies. 
Happy Birthday Zwiffle! 
Yeah! Happy birthday to me! Might actually get to play this this weekend. 
Zwiffle happy birthday :) will play your map first to celebrate!!! 
I Would Just Like To Say That 
I used 50 brushes TOTAL. Including triggers etc.
If I had known I was allowed to not include the triggers in my 50, I would have made it better :) 
I used 50 total and added 1 extra secret brush just for the purpose of going over the limit. Try to find it! 
recording first demos!!! 
Happy Birthday To You, Indeed, Zwiffle! 
...and to me too!!!

Diving right into your map! 
F**k, It's Already Tomorrow. 
not in US noob 
loved all maps, but my two favourites were Zliffle and Ricky... very nicely well-done!

all first runs except ijed map is like 10� attempt

ZealousQuakeFan I see many potencial in a noob mapper!!! keep then comming!!! 
i shall play this later. right now i must bake a cheese cake. 
Given the choice between a gig and more mapping, well I'm really digging my new stage piano so...I'm late!

Here 'tis, one crappy box map with plenty of brush wastage :) Enjoy. 
LOL Distrans does this really have 50 brushes? :) what a awesome level!!!

3 demos of it!!! 
Great Pack ! 
Lot of maps, with rather good quality.

distans' map is so far the latest, but the best, very cool details, and texture set is zomg !

Then the rest comes in a "melee"...

Well, good pack overall, I want more !!! 
yes, Distrans map separate the man from the boys(pure class)... but the time he took is not the same as others for sure...

but look like a small map he is a true master! 
What engine did you use to record the demos? 
I'll have to get more understanding of BSP geometry before I can do something interesting specifically with the limit :E

Interesting to see everyone elses approach. And happy birthday Zwiffle apparently :P 
Is a good way to get around extra brushes with all of its point entities.

An editor like Willem's that allows brush merging wouldn't hurt either.

BTW, nice maps, everyone! 
Watchin the demos :)
Need gib.mdl to watch ericw's, and Zealous's.


Really like zwiffle's map, and also spirit's map is a nice concept :) 
Need gib.mdl to watch ericw's, and Zealous's.

"not In US Noob" 
Not in US, but in Italy fer sure, genius. Hence my auto happy birthday was way belated...;) 
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