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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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Monsters Falling Thru The Floor 
in few last builds of QSS. Alive falling on the base floor or sticks on floor. Dead bodies sometime floating down in void then up to its place. md5 models where disabled. Issue encountered in last pre-md5 suppurted release to. 
This was happening on September 6th build for me as well. There's a new one from September 8th - I quickly tested it, and this bug is fixed. 
Floating Dead Bodies Really Fixed 
on QSS from September 8th. But there is few time sicked alived on the floor. May be it is rather mapping mistakes where monster placed closer 4 point to the floor? 
There Is A Bug With Md5 Enabled In QSS 08 September 
while scrolling up to choose the LG there is no v_light.mdl visible until pressing "fire". If choosing model replacement "off" issue is gone. 
Lately I am finding more and more issues with QSS, with regular QS working just fine.

Latest QSS build (Sep 13, 2021) seems to have showstopper issues in some maps like:

- Not all enemies spawn to lower the silver key platform in HIP3M3 "Limbo"
- At least one SoA level (from Gotshun's "Lost Levels") has issues with func_train entities

There might be more. I have already created tickets on Github regarding that. It seems that right now, regular QS is the better choice at least for classic/vanilla-style levels since it runs all maps just fine. 
I don't know what Spike changed in the last QSS release, but i played some custom maps with enemies and items placed in the wrong places, like "Putrid Pumps" (two ogres stuck in the floor), "Slime Factory" (three knights don't teleport to the final fight because they are stuck in the floor), "Squire of Time: Armored Nightmare" (rocket boxes stuck in the ceiling), the first map of "Cimmerian Night" (explode box stuck in the ceiling)... but the worst case is "Into the Dark" (three shamblers stuck in the floor, one fiend falling through the map, the lightning gun and two cell boxes floating in the void). None of these issues happens in quakespasm. 
OK, So It's Not Just Me 
who found latest QSS releases to be quite unstable/unreliable.

In HIP3M3, I even found out what's happening. The two Vores which need to be spawned after the silver key platform rises appear underneath their spawn boxes, outside of player view. You can't kill them there, so the key will never come down. This happens without any progs.dat or ent modificiations. The same map works perfectly in QS 0.94.1, meaning it's 100% QSS fault.

If it already cannot handle vanilla maps properly, I am afraid about general compatibility. This needs to be investigated and fixed before it gets even worse. What does it help if QSS can run even the biggest AD maps if you have to be afraid to run into showstopper bugs at any time? 
E2M1 "fun" 
BTW, classic maps are also affected. In E2M1, there is an explosive box appearing on the way to the gold keycard, just at the end of the path across the large water pool. I thought at first this is a bug coming from the KEX port files I am using, but actually that box isn't there if you use regular QS. It's only f'ed up in QSS 
Looks like latest QSS build (Oct 6) improved things a little again. HIP3M3 works again, but in E2M1 that misplaced exploding box on the path to the gold keycard is still there.

Can you check if the new build shows any improvements in the maps you mentioned in your post? 
Everything is fine now!!!

And also thank you NightFright to tell me about the new release =D
I checked those custom maps and all the bugs are gone!

Oh, one more thing about the E2M1 explode-box... if you play the original map, the box isn't there. This error only shows up in the E2M1 that came with the "remastered" version of quake :P 
At Least I Know 
which exploding box it is. It's the one that should be close to the silver keycard, but it's falling through the map until it lands one level below. Yeah, I am indeed using the Authentic Models, but strangely enough, this still wouldn't happen in regular Quakespasm. It's a rather minor glitch compared to wrong monster/item spawns, though.

Good that Spike reacted so fast since it was a really annoying problem. 
Quakespasm Spiked For OSX Please! 
We still need a version of QSS for OSX. 
Yet Another QSS Update 
They are coming in fast these days. Can't tell right now what changed, though. 
Quakespasm 0.94.2 Released 
Version 0.94.2 of QuakeSpasm is released.


Changes since the previous version:

- 2021 rerelease: Support for playing the latest update.
- 2021 rerelease: Fix pitch black models in lit areas in DOTM.
- 2021 rerelease: Fix black candles in the DOTM start map.
- 2021 rerelease: Look for QuakeEX.kpf under userdir, too. 
Still With Sdl 2.0.14 
New 2.0.16 version
has fix allowing normally minimize QS and QSS full screen mode by Alt+Tab and Win key. 
Re: Still With Sdl 2.0.14 
You can always upgrade to a newer version yourself. 
Replacing The DLL 
Works in Quakespasm/QSS, but not with Yamagi Q2. That one only works with the sdl2.dll from the release package for some reason. 
New QSS Build Available 
Dated Nov 14. Does anybody know what has been changed? 
This Takes Some Getting Used To. 
Spike acts like Santa. Nobody sees how he brings a gift. You just unpack and play. 
are still a good idea. Especially when suddenly weird things are happening, e.g. wrong monster spawns, and you have no clue why. 
Even keeping Github commits up to date would do. 
If He Did That 
it might already be enough to see what's actually going on. I mean, isn't that the point of Github after all? Just popping out new releases with Github staying behind isn't the way to handle this. 
I think he's currently working on and releasing from 'qsrebase' branch and not master, that's probably why you think the github repo is behind - it is not as far as I can see. 
I think he's currently working on and releasing from 'qsrebase' branch and not master, that's probably why you think the github repo is behind - it is not as far as I can see. 
Last release of QSS (14.11.21) has an issue where entities did not spawn or not falling down when a hatch opened under it. That completely destroyed progression. I tried to complete few randomly maps and an issue happened on every of them! Previous release (14.10.21) has no any issues. 
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