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New Quake III DM - Solitude - By Hipshot
Yet another release for the NoGhost mapping competition, Hipshot's 1v1 level Solitude.

Author - Hipshot

Title - Solitude

Download -

Screenshots :
layout is good, texturing is ace as usual from Hipshot but it doesnt really have a sense of place like his best visual maps. Well worth playing though. 
From Shot#5 
I would say this level would be suited to four player matches rather than 2 player matches, surely?

Looks very nice btw, nice work :) 
just from the screenshots... i like the warmth and softness of the lighting. 
nah, I think 4 is too many, 3 works but any more than that gets chaotic. 
L Like Shot #2 
reminds me of home 
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