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SM 160 - CZG's Anus!
From the deepest darkest recess of the Quake community, I am proud to present SM 160 � Maps in the key of CZG�s Anus!
That�s right, eight excellent maps inspired by one terrible orifice!
We have six mappers this time around: RJ, Negke, Alan, Hrimfaxi, and myself, plus one MYSTERIOUS CELEBRITY APPEARANCE!!!

Just a heads up: As per usual, my two maps need Quoth. Also, they�re meant to be played in order.


Have fun!
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Well Packed! 
My preference:

#1 sm160_drew2 (minus running out of ammo before edie)
#2 sm160_negke2 (minus resetting the gravity every time I died)
#3 sm160_hrim (minus running out of ammo before the whole damn shambler nation started teleporting in)
#4 sm160_rj (minus not clipping the columns)
#5 sm160_alan
#6 sm160_negke
#7 sm160_drew
#8 sm160_??? (minus who the heck really did this map anyway?!?)

Nice Pack 
I've been able to play it in bits and pieces only but it's left my wanting to go back and play again.

Despite the name, not much shit in this. Wish I'd submitted a pure bsp without a player start that was a perfectly modeled turd.

Who did that scarily well done guest map? 
We May Never Know 
rj: The Blorf ad is a texture in malice.wad. I thought wtf and used it as a joke. Ddidn't even know it was animated until I saw it in game.

JPL: You have to change the gravity manually.

ericw: So did the developers - the texture is actually even called "lego".

Preach: Good to know. I wished you had also made that enforcer cell "fix" an optional worldspawn flag. With all the concerns for compatibility, I'm surprised it's forced globally in Quoth2 as it can break the gameplay of some maps.
Is there any chance the Quoth mapping tutorial on Kell's website is ever going to be updated with all the additional information you posted here in various threads? Because, as of now, it seems fairly incomplete in some areas.

Trinca: Noob.

negke2: The secret is in the starting area, left to where the player spawns. It holds a RA, RL and 250 health (and has a counterpart on the other side of the map). The idea is that hardcore players can try to beat the map on normal gravity by tactical rocket jumping - although I doubt it's possible. The two bone arches are teleporters, by the way. 
Been Tryin' Normal Gravity... 
...No can do. The best I got was blue key but too short on health to perform the remaining couple of rjumps to get to the exit. Took me a bazillion tries 'n saves, btw.

Bet there's someone who can make it, though. All it takes is to get any jump right with millimetric precision on 1st try. A breeze. 
Try AGLQuake maybe? 
Negke2 Normal Grav: Doable. 
Takes strategy and precision. And not taking any damage from monsters.

Easier said than done. 
Easier Said Than Done. 
Particularly when you end up in a small tunnel with a fucking Shambler.

I like how well the secret is marked :P

Someone needs to get SDA on the case... 
Working On A Demo. 
Don't know if I can make it through in one go, though. What's the name of that utility to record-save-record, again?

Killing the shambler without taking damage is a little bit tricky, but doable. It's just a matter of timing, really.

There are a coupla jumps tha are a pain in the ass to the trick jumping impaired people like me.

But I'm tryin.

Shambler's right. The secret is unmissable. 
The shambler should be the least problem. Fire three or four rockets, then shamblerdance with ng and sg.

The secret is not marked because it's not supposed to be used for regular playing (=low gravity).

If someone actually manages to pull it off (and post a demo), I'd be most impressed. 
Perhaps it's not a bad idea to only pick up the RL to clear the atrium first and only then get MH and RA. Because unlike I said earlier, the secrets only have 200 health each, and since the player's max health is capped at 250, picking everything up right away will let 50 go to waste. 
The Silent 
quello che ti serve � la mappa nome due volte nel record

record nameofmap nameofmap 
Demo Save Trick 
Start a demo recording the normal way. Quicksave. When you want to reload (after dying or, in this case, failing a rocket jump), stop the recording. Disconnect. Start a new demo recording (different name of course) without specifying the map name. Quickload.

I've just made the RJ run myself, so it's definitely possible. Knowing where the monsters are helps (stealth kills). The second last jump - to the middle ledge beneath the SK door - is the hardest. 
I Did It!!!!1111one!1 
Doing it was easy. Doing it in one go took a few hours. I got VERY lucky with a complete fluke at the end.

SDA need to get their asses on this. A billion variations possible. 
Hats Off To You 
That's one impressive run indeed (to a non-speedrunner like me at least). Using the tarbabies for extra boosts was clever. Totally different route than I used - so, yeah, lots of variations possible.

I'd definitely like to see how the SDA guys deal with this map. Someone tell NahkahiiR or something... 
Well... Fuck Me... 
I left my 'puter 5 hours ago and started getting primed for my display of sheer power and mad skillz to take place as soon as I was able to beam up Quake again and next thing I know, a sedicent legendary map reviewer turns up an AWESOME demo.

It's official, I suck Vores paws. And Shambler is anusless(so we can't use it fo future speedmap sessions themes). 
Thanks Guys. 
Nothing by SDA standards but it took some effort.

The spawn jumps....well the first one I managed to work out a reliable position for it, more fun than doing 2 RJs anyway. The second one....well it's a bitch to get to the SK, I found that going from a quicksave I sometimes got lucky with the spawn and that was easier than 2RJs+RJwallboost or RJ+RJ off the slope by the teleporter. This time obviously I got very lucky.

Edit: Have realised the GK door is the same level as the SK, so the first spawn jump is probably easier anyway.

The shambler boost makes no difference but is MOAR FUNNER.

What's your route neggers? 
My Route 
I suck at rocket jumping in NQ. So it probably took me twice as many jumps as you. Note that I didn't play it with time in mind and I killed the monsters.
Onto one of the pillars, then towards the NG/GK corridor. Then back to the first atrium and towards the second supply closet (I didn't think of the teleporters so it took me two more jumps). Up to GK door, button, and down to the SK button, then up for the SK, back to the middle room and two jumps towards the exit. Pretty lame, but it means the map is also somewhat noob-friendly. 
how the fuck do I read the fucking demos in fitzquake, dont know the command and these demos just work in fitx :| 
stop recording demos with fitzquake... fuck I CANT FUCKING READ NONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 
nothing work...






fucking errors after errorss!!!1!!! 
playdemo demoname

Possible errors: protocol 666 = Fitzquake 0.85, protocol 10002 = BJP's Glquake, = Trincaquake 
My Route... 
..should be towards retirement, but, since you asked:
2 RJ to balcony, GK, 3RJ back up.
RJ across to the other side, button, down to the supply room and then to 2nd button. Slope/RJ to the ramp, slope J through teleporter, refill.
3 RJ to SK, 2RJ to top (YA), drop to the vore balcony, RJ across last room to exit.

Did not intend to speedrun at all, only aimed at finishing. Killed all monsters as well.

Noob-friendliness is a good thing.

Trinca, try Aguirre's, I played the demo just fine. = Trincaquake 
dont work negke is giving me errors :| 
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