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SM 160 - CZG's Anus!
From the deepest darkest recess of the Quake community, I am proud to present SM 160 � Maps in the key of CZG�s Anus!
That�s right, eight excellent maps inspired by one terrible orifice!
We have six mappers this time around: RJ, Negke, Alan, Hrimfaxi, and myself, plus one MYSTERIOUS CELEBRITY APPEARANCE!!!

Just a heads up: As per usual, my two maps need Quoth. Also, they�re meant to be played in order.


Have fun!
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Hrim map don�t work for me... I get stuck in daemon part :| and i played with Quoth :\


ahh and I said a lie... I died in rj map to :(

I�m a noob I will replay then again today...

Drew maps were always in the edge but the work is superb... you rock love then the most.

Celebrity map is AWESOME!!! 
It's So Wierd 
I've never had a problem playing the map in ID1. I mean, maybe there are error messages, but who gives a fuck in a SM? 
I try to see you demos Drew, but dont work in any client :| how do I play then in fitzquake? I dont know the command :) 
U suk at Quake. Give up and play TF2 instead. 
Either get the updated version and play it Quoth, or play the one you have in plain Id. 
give me the protocol 666 error...

so will just run in fitz.

Shambler dont have time to learn other games -:) I will keep stick to Quake some more years... 
Please, please, never use that waterfall sound ever again! 
Interesting Themes 
A very nice set of maps here. Some maps were more asshole-ish than others, but each map had its own unique way of being an asshole.

Good stuff.

And yes, that waterfall sound either needs to be redone, or never used again :) 
I Think It's More 
that I put too many in, with fairly high volume and too low of attenuation.

I didn't think it was SO bad, but I knew people would bitch about it too, haha

I think these were my first maps where I employed ambient_generalpurpose - learning process 
Hrim's Map 
i got the revised version and it worked without a hitch or an error message in id1.

it was however littered with b0rked spelling in the onscreen messages :P "some bas has opened!" "a door has opened abowe!" 
I Promise To Never Complain About That! 
as long as the mapping is awesome, the spelling may suffer.

...Especially if your name is spelled with a letter that doesn't even appear in english. 
This Pack Owns So Far. 
Drew - great.

Drew 2 - great, basically Rubicon2, fog worked well, wheel is cool. Good gameplay actually.

Alan - fitted the theme well.

RJ - speedmexx!! Very cool, easy ending but scary.

I like the waterfall sound. 
RJ - speedmexx!!

i was wondering when someone would pick up on that :D 
The first 2 seconds?? Cool tho. Good use of light and shadow. The spawn by the health were cool. 
yeah! mexx 7 or whatever? with all the monster closets!!! and minus the annoying maze section!

I never even thought of that...

I'm also surprised you liked the gameplay in Drew2! it only got thrown together in the last 15 minutes (along with the big rock columns). I played thru once and then added some more grunts/dogs etc.
I'd love to see a demo from you shambler! I'm interested in how you play, compared to trinca...
Also, I want to vicariously live your life. 
My Life. 
Makes CZG's look exciting and well balanced.


I recorded demos. I;ll zip em up. 
Mid Week Madness 
Finally got a copy of Q1 again :)

sm160_alan - wow crazy hard, no fun for me.
sm160_drew - only have vanilla q1.
sm160_negke - in-yer-face combat, tough.
sm160_negke2 - I liked the layout and style, ran out of ammo and found the gravity thing frustrating with slow jumps.
sm160_hrim - one of my favourites, very cool.
sm160_rj - loved the style and good fun combat.
sm160_mystery - tough, no fun. 
Where Do I Put Them Again? 
OH yes, I remember:

Recorded in AGLQuake apart from the Quoth ones. 
Heh, Sock 
Speedmaps are probably not the best things to play if you want to catch up on Q1SP or even just have a quick fix as they usually don't get much testing or have experimental gameplay. Better try some of the proper map releases of recent years - at least those have difficulty settings. ;)

Also, Quoth
Wonky Skills 
@negke, yeah probably right, but I was curious and wanted to see what everyone was doing. For some reason I can't get GLquake to work and software mode is just too ugly for my taste. 
OMG !!! What A Pack !! 
Overall, what others said..

Just got a problem with sm160_negke2: the gravity change seemed to not work at all (was using FitzQuake v0.85...)

Anyway... this is so far the bext pack I ever played, it is just a shame it requires so "bad" theme to have so many maps...

Now question: which guy's orifice will be tested next time ? :P 
tried to play your demo, and got this message:

host_error:server returned version 10002, not 15 or 666

What should I do? 
Drew: - glquakebjp

or convdem 
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