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Quake 2 High Resolution Texture Packs
I cleaned up the page at -
The most comprehensive collection of Quake2 single-player/co-op maps, enhanced engines, textures and models on the planet as of January 29, 2010 -
It's worth a look. If you know of any other SP/Co-op maps for Quake2, please post a link in a comment.
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Wow, all the old classic games need a site like this! Quake1, Duke3d, and Doom come to mind. Heck, the Doomsday Engine is currently torn about where to host their resource packs at the moment.

I just now learned about a new Q2 engine - EGL. I'll be having some fun with this. :D 
Aguire's In Development Q2 Engine 
will hopefully come out soon. Its damn nice even in beta form. 
That site is super confusing. Some more structure might help. :) 
Yeah @confusing 
just make it simple headings and paragraphs, don't bother with layout, drop the table. 
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