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Direct3D 8 Porting Project
Baker and mh have been working on Direct3D 8 ports of popular Quake engines. The benefit of this is that people whose video cards have poor-quality OpenGL drivers can take advantage of better Direct3D drivers (many ATI and intel cards are in this boat, apparently.)

Engines ported so far:
* AguirRe's enhanced GLQuake
* Fitzquake
* FuhQuake
* JoeQuake
* TomazQuake
* ZQuake

More info and downloads:
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Why? What? 
768_negke: lightning flash visible through solid geometry in first room.

"Burn in hell 1337 haxors". 
on some maps, it's faster if you disable multitexture, for example beginning of Nightjourney, beginning of Five Rivers land, and sickbase.

If I use the map command in the console it works, the problem is that I set the game directory to something else and it still only shows the maps in my id1 folder.

Maybe you can walk me thorugh again, if I want to load an SOE map from the menu, how would I do it? 
It might not be refreshing the maps list in the menu properly. I'll need to check it out.

Regarding multitexture, rules that apply to other Quake engines don't apply to DirectQ. I've tuned the renderer to be able to handle scenes like that (and even larger and more complex ones) without slowing down. Try it with the cogs in ne_tower as another example, or with ctf1_rq. No need to worry about it. 
Mis-stated The Problem 
After some more testing, the problem for me is actually that the id1 maps show up regardless. If I change the directory to SOE, then I should only see the SOE maps, correct? Instead, I have to browse through all of the id1 maps to get to the SOE maps. But I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature. 
that is technically the correct behaviour.
if you are in a mod folder, you still have access to any maps in id1/maps, so if you are asking the engine what maps you can choose from, it's correct to show you id1/maps along side mod/maps.
maybe a seperate command might be in order (my id1/maps is a long list). 
That makes more sense, yes. Maps and other content from ID1 are always available to mods.

Providing an option to filter the list by mod might be an idea.

There is also tab autocompletion on the "map" command. So type "map a" for example, then press tab, and you can cycle through the maps beginning with a. 
A Few More Suggestions... 
Right now, you have to turn on hypnotic as well as quoth to get the correct status bar, I think just turning on quoth should do it.

It would also be nice to make the save games compatible with aguirre quake. Right now, they have to converted through fitzquake. 
Huh? Save games are fully compatible with ID Quake, no changes there. I don't know if Aguirre Quake has changed the format, but I certainly haven't.

I see the thing with the status bar; I'll fix that. 
Well, Aguirre Quake loads the DOS quake saves fine, but it crashes when I renamed Directq's saves (to s11.sav) and try to load that. 
That's really odd because WinQuake loads DirectQ's saves perfectly fine if you do the same thing. I would assume that the problem is with Aguirre Quake based on the maxim that if it works in WinQuake but doesn't in Engine X, then Engine X is broken.

I'm doing some work with Aguirre Quake at the moment so I'll try to see if I can figure what the cause is. 
If you could put a copy of a save file that's causing you trouble somewhere I can download it, and tell me which map it's from, it would help a lot in diagnosing this.

I've uploaded to the above address, rename to, the map is nesp09, Dawn of Eternity 
Downloaded, cause of problem identified, and fix implemented for the next release. :) 
what was the cause, btw? Was it a bug in aguirre's engine or in directbengt or in directq or what? :) 
Can you also make the +map command work in the command line? It doesn't seem to work currently. 
Not wanting to be rude, but could you describe the problem instead of what you think the solution is? ;)

+map just passes to the standard command interpreter, so it's nothing special. Tell me what happens when you try it, tell me the name of the map, do you get any error message in the console (and if so what the error message is) stuff like that.

@metl - a bit of both. DirectQ didn't write "kills" into the savegame comment but Aguirre's engine was depending on it being there. 
C:\Quake\DirectQ.exe +map start works. So +map on the command-line *does* work. So there's something else that's creating a situation in which it *appears* to not work for you.

That's what I meant when I said the above - making +map work is not the solution (it does work), but finding out what that something else is might be a good first step. 
Yeah, I just tested it, it does work. You can disregard the last message. Sorry about that. 
I had an older version version of Directq where if I use it in one of my command lines, it would only load the quoth folder and not the map itself (Fort Driant), but this was an old version and I don't remember which one. 
Has anyone used Dirctq to play Warp? I am using 1.8.3c and I seen some weird grunt/player skins. 
Nevermind, the problem went away when I restarted Directq. 
An update on the problem, if you played the Warp demos before starting up, then the grunt/player skins would be messed up. 
have you tried increasing heapsize? i've had texture and skin corruption problems in the past which went away after allocating more memory. 
DirectQ doesn't use heapsize so it's not that. I suspect it's more likely a texture caching bug which I haven't seen yet - the symptoms certainly match. 
Skin Problems 
OK, I've checked this about 3 or 4 times with Fitz, DP and Aguirres as well as DirectQ and it happens in all of them. It's a content bug rather than an engine bug I'm afraid. 
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