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New UT99 Mappack
13 levels, mostly DM and CTF but apparently 1 single player map too.

Info :

Screenshots :
Looks Great From The Screenshots 
Is there still so much UT99 going on these days? Then again, there're also quite a lot of new Q3 releases still. 
not that much, especially with Nalicity going offline. But there have been a couple of mappacks in the works since last year, this was one of those. 
Just A Heads Up 
some of the map filesizes are insane (40MB-90MB) because the unr contains all new textures/sounds etc without having separate files. 
I Didn't 
knew this site, cool stuff 
Tried Out The Maps 
could barely get some of them to run, some of the framerates were very poor.

Leaving that aside, I cant say I liked them anyway. There was one good DM map (Nadaus) but too many were trying to emulate the look and style of UT2K3/4/UT3. Which may not be a negative in most people's eyes, but I dont like such big wide and open maps. 
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