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4 More For ..::LvL
Just 4 more for ..::LvL. Not a huge update this one, but 'Rat Race' and two experimental releases make the trip to ..::LvL well worth while.

* Rat Race by headrot - CPMA/DM/Tourney 2-4 player
* jumprun by NaturalSpringWater - Experimental 1 player
* canyadoit by NaturalSpringWater - Experimental/DM 1-8 player
* Gothic Jumper / Gothic Jumper [mini edition] by Martinus - DM/CTF 4-14 player

30 second videos for the maps and 360 degree panoramas for all releases are available.

..::LvL is always looking for people to help out with the level reviews. If you have the skills to write a consise review, check out the map queue for more details.

..::LvL :
Rat Race shots looks better than the 3 other maps.
A shame that I don't have Q3 on my PC....
Keep it up ! 
rat race looks excellent, from the video/shots. 
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