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New UT Mappack
The timewarp crew have come up with another fine looking mappack for UT99 that can be grabbed (and viewed) here :

Assault, Capture the Flag, and Deathmatch levels are all included.
Remember when games used to have colors besides grey and brown? Well these guys certainly do. 
At any rate, nice to see other niches besides Quake1 thriving. I love that there are still mappers interested in making UT'99 levels! That kicks ass. 
I recommend all the mappacks these guys have made, many class maps in most of them. 
I still have ut'99 installed, will probably give this a go at some point. It really is a classic game :) 
Need I say more? ;) 
As always stunning maps from timewarp crew but... unplayable! the frame rate really drops in certain parts. Well, who cares, cool anyways. 
Only One Map 
was really bad framerate wise, dm-fot-arken which has the worst framerates I have ever got for a ut99 map.

also make sure you are using one of these renderers : 
I'm using those, thanks for the advice though. 
The Assualt Map 
is also seriously laggy if you choose the high end version, *low* end version runs fine.

All other maps run reasonably well for me. 
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