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Q1DM: Pain Giver By Tiddles
Tiddles released yet another FFA map for QW.



Release at
Nice Map 
good use of colored lights, I tried it with reaper bots and I had a lot of fun... I wanna see more .. go map ! 
Quite Nice Feeling 
Solid tiddles style.
Perhaps the lowest floor would need more floor details and is a bit flat?

I haven't playtested it yet tho. 
loving the screenshots 
Looks Pretty Good 
The coloured lighting is too over the top for my tastes though. It's just too strong (and there's too many different colours in a small area). I'll be playing it without the lit file loaded. Each to their own though. Lighting is otherwise good. There's a decent amount of detail here for a Quake map, the style is carried off pretty well, although as bambuz mentioned the floor does feel a bit flat.

Layout seems nice and compact, no wasted space or useless areas, and yet there's plenty of room to move. There's enough height variation to keep things interesting. The lifts were a major annoyance though... the lifts could have easily been half the size, while leaving the lift shaft at the current size, which would have allowed easier traversal downward and allowed players on the ground floor to bypass the lifts more easily if desired.

It feels like there is perhaps too much health and armour around for a duel (GA+YA+RA and 2xMH, that I saw), but it's hard to say until you play it. Also, the quad is perhaps too easy to obtain, since you can just teleport directly to it. Other than that, item placement looks decent at a glance. I'd like to play it, could be an interesting map! 
Thick Repeater 
As above, a good solid map.
The lower area does maybe lack a bit of detail, and is rather tent-worthy, (saying that I've only recently revisited QW in exchange for NQ again. So it takes a while to accept a diff play style. No bitch intended :P) In agreement with the lifts as well.
I'm not a huge fan of coloured lights, very cautious about them but I can't comment I got the map from the XS NL server, no lit file :/
I've enjoyed playing it over the last few days though :o)

I like it! 
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