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Doom3 SP: Fragging Free
This is a SP mod. Released a month ago. Requires ROE. Adds new monsters, new weapons, ten SP maps in total, and some fragging fun.


Moddb page:

Gameplay Trailer:
i really need to pick up RoE :( 
Realy impressive, while sometimes there are nice disco colors... But sounds enjoyable...
And like necros, I really have to find a way to pick RoE :( 
It just dawned on me that all the other news seem to have been submited by the author.

Is there a rule that only one's own work can be submitted as news? I didn't make this, you know...

I wish I had such talent... 
there have been other news posts (though fewer) that were created by someone other than the author. 
OK I have a major complaint about this. Why do I have to sit through a shitload of crap before I get to play? I just want to shoot some stuff. The 'intro' is way too fucking long. 
You Can't Press Esc To Skip? 
the functionality is in the original game, i'm surprised that it wouldn't be used. that's pretty bad design, imo. 
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