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Community Sinking?! What Can We Do?
Community sinking?! What can we do?

Ok, i�m pretty sick of all these complain and bla bla bla everybody hating each other and what are we getting?

[Kona], Distrans, SPD and many others are simply going away�

What can be done?

1- More people comments the mappers maps and if there is something we don�t like about the map there are many ways to show it instead of killing the people�s will(more positivism).

2- No more community map pack please!!! Always give crap.

3- Contests no delay even if is only one map.

I still think that the bigger machine to make us map is people comments and first runs demos.

So are we going to make something?

Or in the next 10 year we will be playing others fucking games and still with the same negative way of being in life?

I�m not a good example but at least i try.

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am i wrong? 
If Rj Is Xen It Would 
be like that X-Men episode where during the funereal of Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde shows up at the gates of Xavier's mansion.

one star fallen, new rises, lightening crashes, etc. 
hehe rj is a expirient mapper... from the map he release is easy to know :p but i dont care :) just want some more :p 
check xen's ealry maps email and check the current of rj

figure out the rest

i'm sure xen and rj the same person :) 
Awesome private investigator. :)
rj, do you still have the images for that fantastic "how to spice up a room" guide?
I have some but it seems the webarchive drops them silently over the years. 
..was little more than an attention-deprived jumped up teenager who wanted recognition. i wasted *FAR* too much of my life talking shit on #tf, getting involved in petty arguments on here & spending loads of time in WC/qED without really achieving anything, which is essentially why i left and would sooner forget that part of my life. i just found myself wanting to come back now & then because i miss quake and miss the spirit around here.

spirit: have uploaded the tut + all images here: - take what is needed :)

with regards to the thread, #17 had it pretty much spot on. i remember being sick to death of similar discussions on qmap back around 2001! 
Xen's Back!!!! 
OMG Quake community lives again, panic over. 
Maybe JPL is also RPG with an elaborately french disguise? 
I Hacked Into The Intertubes And Found A Video Of Trinca Playing Mario 
lol Kinn i just play Quake i think is CZG

at least this crapy threath help tp find the lost diamond! 
Wonder how much acid he dropped before playing. 
That Explains It, 
must be the brown 
What Can We Do ??? 
It is simple: stop whining and GO MAP !!! 
i�m mapping :p

my bosses are all out today ;) 8 hours of mapping hehehe 
Ever since Zan left the community, things have gone to shit. 
Zanashi the flying monkey or whatever the fuck he used to call himself... never been the same since he left. 
dont remenber seen a map from him...

URL please!!! 
Shorty has the right idea. I said the same thing when Lun posted the QBoard links.

Although we do have inertia now... That's almost the same 
Aah Haha 
laffo 9000 
Huh, What? 
Wait, I still post...I dunno what you are talking about Lun?

My dog's name is Bailey and she likes ice cubes! 
Anyone have some chives hanging around? 
no no no. You just don't get Zan. He was kinda like a more annoying version of interia, and somehow, did even less! 
Don't worry Trinca, he wasn't as annoying as you, you're still the champion in that category. 
Also Trinca: 
Personaly i think is time for these threaths to be forgotten in history... people guys let then die!!! 
This Was... 
... the sentence of the day :P 
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