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Quaddicted Singleplayer Map Archive Is Complete
Wow. This looked like a task for sisyphus at first. 3 years later it is done.

Singleplayer Maps:

Quake Singleplayer ("partial") Mods:

Be aware that you can sort the tables by clicking on the "Author - Map - DL - Size - Date DMY - Rating" header. You need Javascript enabled. Warning: It might freeze your browser for a second or two.
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I real achievement. Well done to Spirit, and the hard working submitters. 
Congrats V 1.1 
A... A real achievement. :D 
Put this on 
great to have this archive. good work! 
Great Job 
I'll have to play the "excellent" rated maps that I haven't heard of before.

I know there have to be a few diamonds in the rough.

I think the ratings system is helpful because it helps guide what to play. There are too many bad maps out there to deal with. 
Torrent Idea 
I don't know if the torrent idea is any good, but I know that if the point of the effort is to preserve Quake history that it should be duplicated.

We've seen all too often (PlanetQuake,, Quakepit, the loss or destruction of archives, whether by neglect or by accident.

Since a "new" devastating blow to Quake history hasn't occurred recently, it may only be faintly in the back of most of many's minds.

But as the number of Quake sites dwindle and thin out, the concentrating of material increases.

/And so it went with the Quake Wiki 
Going For The Threepeat! 
Does anyone else find it sad that the boon of great releases in 2007 might be the last significant year of single player greatness?

Travail, Warpspasm, the Hand that Feeds, Breakfast at Twilight, The Onion, Trinca's Base map (that I seemed to be the only one who didn't enjoy it ;) ) a couple of others that elude me for the moment.

I'll always remember Warpspasm as what was for me the surprise and unexpected treat of 2007. 
I won't make a torrent, even though they've become more mainstream I doubt that there would be more than ~5 people interested and those would not seed it forever.
Instead I will surely make three simple zip files, one with the descriptions, one with the screenshots and one with all the maps.
Dunno about, I will look into it.

I don't see why 2007 should mark any end of great maps, just look what has been released this year already, quoth2, cjhsp1, if those are not great then I don't know. ;) 
There's plenty of stuff in the pipeline - as long as there's players and mappers there'll be q1sp. And it seems new faces arrive fairly regularly. How long they stay is another matter, but there is a solid core who continue to create stuff for sp. 
And today I am feeling like a particularly solid core :P 
( probably too much fibre ) 
hope this comunity still alive i dont like to play new games... honestly... i get bored real fast :\ the one that bring me more interress was HL2 and Painkiller but even those got bored after 1 or 2 weeks i will keep playing Quake for a long tim for siure... and maby still mapping! 
Btw, Duke3D is doing a bit better than Quake, and although the DN3D community had a bad year last year with only a bit over 20 high quality releases this year we have had already around 15 high quality releases.

So, I guess Duke was right when more than ten years ago he said "I ain't afraid no Quake!".

And it seems that both Doom & Unreal trail behind Quake & Duke in terms of new single-player releases but they're still doing far better than, say, Q2. 
Your density does you credit ;)

The modern games I play are basically Dawn of War and anything made by Valve. Soulstorm (3rd DOW expansion) is looking very nice, especially with the dollar being so low. 
Average Is In The Middle 
I think.. 
Duke was right when more than ten years ago he said "I ain't afraid no Quake!".

hehe yes I went rofl when hearing this one.

Good to see Duke still having good releases these days, and with the eduke32 engine it�s actually very nice to play (smooth mlook etc..) 
Hats Off 
a serious load of effort was made organizing that rat's nest. You have my respect.

reflects on self...Once upon a time, i had free time.
couple years age i found the beta of 'darkbase'
map it seems there is no such level at your database i'm curious who's autor, it's fantastic level (don't know why, but i always thouhgt it was NotoriousRAY) 
That sounds interesting, could you mail it to me? Address is in my profile.
"darkbase" somehow rings a bell but then it is a very generic title. 
ok, spirit check your mail
ps. age=ago :) 
I was asking about that map ages ago. The author made two maps that I played and they were both pretty good. The author's name was Ray, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't NotoriousRay. I think the other map was called darkhalls or something - if someone has it I'd love to see it again. Not sure if it was DM only or SP/DM like darkbase.

I got both levels from some old PC magazine coverdisc, though I've no idea which one it was. There were a couple of Quake Mega CDs released on PC Zone and PC Gamer in the UK, so it was probably one of those, though both mags regularly featured Quake maps and mods on their discs, so it could have come from anywhere. 
but it isn't SP. Sorry. 
dm map is good for that time!!
and the single player? 
darkbase says "0.9 beta" and to me it really feels like that too. Feels like any "guidance" for the player is missing, it is basically some base complex with enemies and an exit teleporter. Looks sexy though.

I would rather exclude it but when it was released on some magazine disc I should include it I guess. 
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