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New Map For The Qonquer Mod
This is a simple map for Qonquer I have made over last few days. The architecture is pretty simple but I hope that you will like the combat.
Fun. I killed 65 monsters then got totally cornered by a gang of shamblers.
I also liked the e4m4 theme.

Rather cramped though, with not a lot of features to use to one's advantage.

I really don't think Qonquer maps should be symmetrical. Spending a long time in the same area fighting the same monsters ( albeit in different patterns ) inclines one to search for architectural variation to utilize. The gameplay of Qonquer suggests this quite strongly after a while.

Layouts should invite exploring, to learn the lay of the land to gain the upper hand, and also just to find monsters wherever they may spawn.

Maps should also assist monsters more so than in conventional SP because the location of the player at the moment any given monster spawns cannot be predicted, and so the monsters will also have to go exploring to find their prey. Quake's ai pathfinding is not great, so Qonquer maps should make it easier on them.

This map is still a good addition to the mod though. 
Simple But Fun 
I also liked the wooden trims E4 style, but grunts for minions were underpowered against fiends/shamblers. 
I Know That You'll Not Listen To Me... 
Linear, a good first map.

For anyone intersted in quonquer mapping I suggest to check doom skulltag tormentor667's invasion maps. You will see triggers that opens new map areas after some of the monster waves, I think it's a good idea to make the map less linear and to push the creativity of the mapper. for skulltag exe for tormentor667 invasion wad

You will also need the original doom2.wad

...and what about coop? does qonquer supports it? 
So awesome. :)

Demons and Shamblers are tough! I'd to put in a request to management for better minions. Grunts get eaten alive in this level! 
Hey Ankh,

Which level editor did you use for this? Did you have to create a custom entity file for it? If so, I could host that file on the Qonquer web site for other people who use your editor. 
111 monsters on skill 2 - only died due to one of those "Fiend landing on your head from a higher level and doing infinite damage" moments BUT it was getting pretty rowdy in there and wouldn't have lasted much longer.

I tend to entirely agree with Kell on this. Nice theme, but surprisingly a bit awkward to play.

I like the combination of "high power monsters + high power arsenal" but I would have liked more variety in monsters. Grunts were amusingly useless but maybe that's the point.

It felt rather like deathmatch in the way one tried to "control" the items.

Or maybe, Qonquer is the SP equivalent of Rocket Arena?? I think there's a lot of potential for nice little maps, utilising different stylistic and combat themes. 
Made it to wave 12 on normal. I had 160 kills when I was surrounded by four Shamblers and about two Fiends.

The minions were pretty worthless but at least they managed to draw attention away from me. 
You can just imagine how that grunt feels as he spawns in and sees shamblers and demons in front of him. Bad day at the office, incoming! 
Hey just played this. Got to 135 kills on hardmode before fiends surrounded me. Not bad, and maybe it's just my monitor, but it felt really dark, especially near the floor.

But yeah, I agree with comments so far. Controlling the two power-up rooms (quad and RA) were vital, so traversing to both sides is necessary. 
Map was made in worldcraft. I have edited the entity fields by hand.
First I didn't want to include any minions but then I thought that adding grunts should be funny.
I wanted to force the player to travel between the RA and quad. The ammo should get very short without good quad usage.
Hoped you would say that the gameplay is fun :) 
Flashlight Plz 
Seems lots of fun but so dark I couldn't see what weapon I was carrying half the time. 
Yeah the wooden beams ( wooden? fire hazard! ) the torches sit on block most of their light reaching the floor.
I just play this map in fullbright. 
Hey - This Is Id Standard 
this part was copied from e4m4, lightning included ;) 
Ha! That's what you get for copy-pasting!



Got stuck between a just-spawned minion, the wall and a beam. Certainly this would be a rare occurrence but maybe mappers would like to make sure there is plenty of room around spawn points. 
Played this one again, this time on hard and got 160 kills.

Anyways, I think there was enough lighting around. 
Copper Alloy 
nutella sandwich 
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