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Qonquer Released
I released my Q1SP mod, Qonquer, today! Fight waves of monsters in arena style maps with the aid of your minions.

Info and download:

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Played for a bit in the medieval arena level on hard mode until about wave 12-13. Didn't bother to check, but is there a tutorial on how to map for this? I was hooked on Lunaran's byzantine level for doom 3, which played a lot like this, for quite a while. Pretty fun what I played. 
I'm going to put together something tomorrow about how to map for it. I'll include a .def file and all that jazz... Will announce here when it's done! 
Love It 
great idea to have the arenas change over time and a real challenge to keep up the concentration. Also, minions <3

Btw I guess it�s recommended to play with aguirRe�s engine, had no problems with overflows even during the most intense battles.
Bring on the arenas! 
in the metal arena, my enforcer minions are able to damage me?! 
and awesome levels. Really makes me want to map for it, I have a nice idea in my mind.

I do not like that reverse weapon cycling is not possible. I am very dependant on it. :(
And that minions can hurt the player while he cannot hurt them.

It is great that one can save! 

It's playable in standard software Quake, you shouldn't need special engines. Did you overflow? If so, at which level? I thought I was disposing of bodies/gibs quick enough but maybe not.

As for minions damaging you ... well, I wasn't sure what to do there. I kind of like that they can but I can take that out. I might make a newer version where the minions can't hurt the player or each other.


What do you mean by reverse weapon cycling? I didn't intentionally change anything related to weapon switching. 
I do not like that reverse weapon cycling is not possible. I am very dependant on it.

This was my biggest frustration. In any arena/horde combat I need to be able to switch between all weapons quickly.
AFAIK this is fixable in any mod: it works in SoA and in Quoth. Plz be to fixing this kthx

I have a whole ton of feedback, but because of how big a problem the mwheeldown binding is I will reserve judgement until I can play the mod with it. 
impulse 12: Being able to switch to weapons like 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (mousewheel up or E for me), not only 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 (mousewheel down or T for me). It was added in Quake 1.06. (#14) 
there was another recent mod that was missing this feature. I guess you guys were both using an older version of the quakec source as a base. 
Huh, i was sure I started with with 1.06 source. Will look info it, thanks! 
Where might one find the absolute latest QuakeC source then so that I can diff it against mine? 
Don't Tell Me You Used 1.0 As A Base... 
Nice little mod anyway. The arenas look neat. I feel a certain urge to contribute some as well - Spirit, let's team up.

I think it would be a bit more rewarding if the game did end at some time (maybe by being able to set the fraglimit, where 1 wave equals 1 frag), or at least display some stats (kills/waves/dmg/etc) when dying. This would create a sense of accomplishment and allow for comparison/competition. 
Yeah, I wanted to do a stats screen but I couldn't figure out how to do that once the player was dead. I figure one of those screens with the text slowly appearing would be great for displaying stats and results.

And wait until this editing info screen done. I'm going to make that my main focus today. Maybe we could get some arena packs going! :) 
OK, I found a better version of QuakeC 1.06. Grrr. I'll get "impulse 12" into the next release for sure. 
Continued Here 
Willem, I wasn't saying I didn't like the mod in the betas thread - I thought you wanted beta feedback.

You're right about the developer mode being turned on - my id1 autoexec. Turned it off and no more messages.

A couple of questions - are the monster spawnpoints fixed? I mean is it possible to activate new ones and remove old ones?

I also notice that a monster never spawned when I stood on a telepad (base map) did you fix this so the player can't telefrag arriving enemies?

Finally - do all items respawn? If I put, say, a quad and only wanted it to appear once would I have to close off its area after collection?


I'm putting together an editing page for my site but some quick answers:

- the spawnpoints are fixed in their location but you can turn them off/on based on wave #

- monsters won't spawn at a spawnpoint that has a living thing too close to it. I opted for this rather than telefragging.

- yes, all items respawn as per DM rules. You could killtarget it though, as neg|ke suggested. 
Could be good for a decent turtlemapping session. 
Very nice idea. I had some good fighting in this one. Does the difficulty level increase all the time? Because I had the impression that after a while it stops at a certain level (played on normal).
Creating maps for this mod should be pretty difficult because you need to ballance them very carefully. In the metal map one can stay at the top level all the time (see the example demo). You can also spawn any number of minions if you like when you keep the last monster from a wave alive.
I noticed one strange problem on the metal part of the map. A knight spawned outside of this part and I had to noclip to find him in order to proceed. 
Please? Will check out later!! 
Another Lame Demo 
The third map is great, keeps you on your toes.
Until you find the safe spot... 
Does Not Work 
AguirRe's GLQuake tell me that progs.dat is corrupted... wtf ? 
ok i like it! just think it need more speed!!!

even in nightmare spawns are slow!!! more action please!!! 
for exemple like SOE deatmatch mod!

real pure action.
even in these days i play it from time to time :p 
"AguirRe's GLQuake tell me that progs.dat is corrupted... wtf ?"

I can't imagine ... anyone?


Thanks for the demos! :) Awesome... 
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