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Dspra1 - Gangster's Club
Hello, i back with other new map, this time for rocket arena. The design on it is very simple but offer good look. As always, check it yourself for more details :p

Thank you deurk for yours suggestions ;)



Home Page/Comments:

Regards, DeadLy_sp
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Congrats on the release but seriously, do some beta-testing... 
It's a neat looking room but did you run a full vis on this? I see that vis WAS run as the outside fill looks good but I get tons of disappearing surfaces in standard Quake and this doesn't look complex enough to justify that. 
Alot Of Stir On This 
I'll take a look; the screenshots look interesting, but when do we get an sp? DeadLy_dm? 
So that's Sock, Kingpin, Speeds and Ikbase textures? They look good and the detailing is nice as well.

There are a few annoyances - the wall pillar / details could have been illusionaries instead of walls and personally I'dve preferred if the floorspace was a bit more broken up by some more free standing stuff, like the U in the middle.

Having a floor below instead of the instagib lava would have been nice as well; nothing too complex and with just some teleports to get back up.

Also it seems that almost all the detailing is solid brushwork - for a single large room this is ok but it'd cause some speed problems for anything bigger - the main culprit being those (nicely built) ceiling lights which could have been entities as well.

The final thing is a personal preference and a take it or leave it, but unless the walls merge into the ceiling (curves) I prefer to use a different texture - a concrete or a metal plate would have worked.

Anyhow, a nice looking map (I didn't test gameplay) are you posting these over at That seems to be the hub for DM games. 
Heh is the home of a few american netquake players. is the place. 
Well is the home a few Swedish quakeworld players. 
Or Say 
a few hundred swedes, finns, germans, danes, poles and russians. 
THANKS !!!! 
JPL, inertia, metlslime, Trinca, Spirit... yes friends, i need improve more a lot of things if i want release good maps, but with ur help... is possible learn much ^^

Well, i release the maps directly with BSP because is more easy for the server admins.In a zip with a README!? ok, (Trinca help to me with it :p) This weekend make it for all my maps.

Yes, i send it to QuakeOne but..... i dont know, it's not yet published.

Yes inertia, i need more time for test beta versions.... :/ I'm very impatience :((

ijed ! (So that's Sock, Kingpin, Speeds and Ikbase textures?) YEAH YEAH YEAH !!! Well, i'm not inspired at the moment to mapping a SP map :///// Sorry!, maybe for before christmas or Gener ^^.

The map has been fixed a lot of things and updated, please re-download it an EXCUSE ME!


Greetings, DeadLy_sp 
Screenshots Updated! 
New screens, see u! 
Zip Version. 
Finally... zip version with a README file ^^ hehe 
Next time, just make a test version and e-mail it to people. Most likely they will bombard you with ideas, comments and criticism. Just ask them first.

That way, the most obvious problems are sorted out before release. 
Dont worry man - you should see the state of the News Thread for the Sickbase!

I re-released it TWO TIMES :-P 
The HOMs are still there. :P

This time please name the readme file mapname.txt, ie in this case dspra1.txt.

Cute little map with a theme not often (never?) seen before. 
As a visual note, the scale seems a little off. That barrel with the fire inside of it is HUGE. :) 
Scale In Quake... 
Isn't an easy thing to get right. Check out the size of the lockers compared to the door next to them. This is a DM map, though. If it were an SP map, there would be a lot more griping >:)

Keep 'em coming! 
generic_maps ;)

Spirit: Yes, i must call $mapname.txt, u've reason, i'm stupid :/

golden_boy: Yes, this is true.

I hope do better. 
Is worth it. Sometimes you have to ask on this website two or three times before you find some volounteers! But if you nag and nag a bit, you'll find some people. Some of the feedback I have had on my current project has been very helpfull indeed. For starters the map was leeking, I hadn't even realised before because it was still allowing vis to run!! There was plenty other stuff to improve aswell, too much to mention, and I wouldnt have thought of it myself!!

BTW - I havent played your maps, Deadly_sp, but I always look at your screenshots and you have really good style!! You never make maps using the same sort of theme, always an inspired theme and look!! Quite inspirational use of textures - I think I might have to run some reaperbots around one or two of them some time ;P 
QuakeOne but..... i dont know, it's not yet published.

It's been news'd now. Less news, more news per news item.

(Except Yellow No. 5 who news'es whatever, haha)

Anyway, fine looking maps you've made lately. 
Ah .. No Edit Got Me Again 
Oh vell. 
You Mean... 
no preview? :) 
Hey Baker 
U r on IRC, i would like speak with u :)

#29 Thanks u very much ! CAn u help to me as beta tester for my next level? hehehe

See u! 
Yeah Man 
I'll happily look at your maps if you like :)

I have had my last two releases and the one I'm doing at the moment looked at by a few people, so hopefully I'll be able to give some good pointers/opinions, but my technical advice might not be up to scratch... There are mappers/players who used this MsgBoard who have very good technical experience, so try and give maps to them aswell ;-P

I would send your maps to as many people as possible for testing!

My email is on this website! - Send ZIPPED file straight to me whenever you like!

I will reply with an email with comments.

Ideally you want to send multiplayer maps to people (Guinea Pigs) who can test in multiplayer games, maybe 2 or 3 people, then they can send you a Demo file to watch - probably one of the best ways of examining the map - try it in action!!

I could send a demo, maybe with some bots (will that need custom progs to VIEW the demo anyone??), but im sure the real thing would be better...

I have always made singleplayer maps, and love watching demos people send me! 
U r on IRC, i would like speak with u :)

I don't IRC but you can send me a private message over at and I always respond to them. 
zommgg to say bad stuff so many replys... in other releases... so few coments... most of you guys suck!!! 
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