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Dspdm6 - Blood Hunger Doctrine
Hello friends, i want submit my last work, my six death-match quake map.

Now is time for dspdm6 and this time is titled "Blood Hunger Doctrine" (thanks JohnNy_cz for help to choose the title).

The design of this map meets the feeling painkiller graphical style and the gameplay of quake, getting a diabolical game in combat. For now has a good acceptance by the testers, i hope have a good acceptance by the players also and enjoy all.


BSP File:

dspdm6 home page:

Cheers, DeadLy_sp
Please release it properly with a textfile (dspdm6.txt) in a zip (

I liked the look and feel of the betas and hope I will play this map some day. 
nice map my friend, i must kick you ass in a server! :)

why so many pics? zomggg :) 
I really like how the teleporter beneath the quad works (in agquake at least). 
I Like 
how this got shoved out the door without considering any of the comments offered by m'self during your last beta. 
Tested with bots yesterday evening: it is a cool map. No particular issue, consistent and strong architecture, nice texture choice (what is this texture set BTW ?) and good lightning effect..

Now you should try SP map ;)

Keep it up ! 
Hehe, thanks for test the map friends. A job good valuated is a happy work :D

Spirit, the zip file is necessary and the .txt? i put always as .bsp for do a easy work for the server admins.

Trinca thanks master ;)

JPL hm, deadmeat.wad ^^

The Big Slab Of Meat Didn't Give You Any Clues? :) 
I really like the look of those textures. Nice job! :)

What's wrong with it? I can't seem to find anything that might need improvement. (Or I haven't looked hard enough.) 
I neither not found anything wrong, for this reason the map has been released ! ;) 
hi, how about playing quake 1 over internet? I use non-gl joequake engine+hamachi (v1.0.1.5) program to connect directly with other players. lets play! my icq 259 689 233, email 
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