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SM140: Unthemed
Two SP maps by efdat and ijed.


I Must Say 
very good looking stuff this time!

Ijed's was very fun to play too!
Loved the end room as well..

Efdat's... never found the gren launcher, but it was nicely constructed, how much time did you spend? The fog worked great too.

(I played in quoth, was this the intention?) 
Nice Map Efdat 
The classic Quake water slurp snfx was a bit annoying after a while but the random grenade bouncing was fun and it was cool to turn the fog off, noclip above and see how you'd laid the place out, after battling through it. Nice theme as well.

bambuz, glad you liked. Neither map needs Quoth; it's not too slow setting up monster teleports the old way. 
grafix were nice, ijed's a bit dark and very wtf (not bad!)

efdats could've used a bit more variation. dogs & zombies are an awesome combination! 
Took Me 2 Hours 
ijed: nice & clean contstruction. great shock-fx at the beginning. 
Cool ! 
Cool maps, especially ijed (wtf style), not long enough however. Too small. Thanks a lot. 
Nice Maps! 
Both were very stylish looks-wise and played great.

Efdat's had plenty of atmosphere and helped prove that a small monster variety can go a long way.

Ijed's was like a mini Contract Revoked, in a way, but with a similar-yet-different texture set. One of the giant pencils is incomplete, though.

Thanks guys!!! 
I ran through efdat's map wondering where the damn grenade launcher would await me... :P
Great cave feeling.

ijed's map was very wtf at the beginning, but had nice layouts and looks.

Good work you two, especially for speedmaps. 
where is it? 
The GL? 
It's on top of one of the light boxes, early on.

The pencil is a compile error and I didn't have time to fix it. 
Thks Guys ;) Ice Minutes Of Fun!!! 
great pack guys!!!

ijed nice fights first run died...arghhhhhh second was like walking in the park... easy!!!

efdat was real real easy ;) love the rockss... efdat how do you make those rocks so fast and so good? you must teach me one of these day... i still noob in rocks :(

now first runs!!! 
Very Cool 
efdat: great map, minimalistic theme works well. Reminded me of the Zerst´┐Żrer feeling. Are those rocks the new Quake standard? :-) Next time, chainsaw please.

ijed: it was different, getting shaft and lots of cells. *Very* dark in software renderer. The last bit was a little plain. First part was best, pencil room was cool. Traps? How long? 
Yeah Guys 
tell us how you did the maps? How long did it take?
Any editor shots of unfinished versions? 
I uploaded the .map source to the hub:

Nothing too complicated on my end, some lights use delay and that's about it. I spent a full day making it, on and off.

Also I most likely wasted resources somehow by having the pieces so spread out across the full mapping extents.

As I remember there's lots of crap lying around outside as well. 
Guys, try this :

I ran efdat's map in nightmare skill, while using the dmsp mod (deathmatch -> SP). Had to run like crazy in that bloodbath cluster fuck mess. AWESOME !

Using the rocketlauncher helps a bit in that rave party ! :mrgreen: 
i just used the standard triangle method: made floor and ceil from triangles and randomly pulled some vertices down and pushed some others up. took 2 hours, as already mentioned. most of the time was spent on pushing and pulling =) 
Efdat, "well... 
...I can run and jump and fish, but I won't fight
you, if you want to push and pull with me all night.... " ; )

New Fodder! 
looks & sounds promising for sure, gonna try this evening :-D 
I liked Ijeds best, though I would have liked a bigger finale. Efdats was quite nice as well. How do you create the fog effect? 
just set "fog" "density red green blue" in worldspawn. "d r g b" are all real numbers between 0 and 1. you need an engine with fog support, of course. 
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