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Q1SP: Deja Vu - Six Map Mini Episode
OK, Im throwin it to the wolves cause Ive had enough, and I wanna start a new project. Deja Vu v1.0 is released, and downloadable here:

Single Player only and requires Quoth mod. Its basically the result of a lot of head scratching that I have chucked together in the last six weeks or so. It has been described to me as being a bit doomish, it all in a base/tech sort of feel, the last level was a bit inspired by aliens/alien3 and used elements of kells fury wad.

Screenshots are here:

If anyone feels like being really nice and hosting it anywhere except for the shub-hub then that would be marvelous I guess.

Problems with the Darkplaces engine running it cause some of the entity spawning isnt aligned the same as I intended, (things like player falling through a train at the start of a map) it isnt entirely flawless, but I would hope it would provide at least an hour of entertainment for the average quaker.

OK, Im ready for all of your 'comments', or lack of them, or sarcasm, threats, whatever, hit me!
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Ebuild And Water? 
Maybe this is stupid question, but is there transparent water? (without `r_novis 1'). I'm using darkplaces to play this mod and it it solid as concrete.

2nd: I've made an ebuild for Gentoo Linux, it can be found here:
If this mod works with Qrack or Joequake (some reports?) I will add support for them to the ebuild.
(BTW there's more quake1-* ebuilds for Gentoo users!) 
Thanks Ricky 
I checked the pack out - stopped at the end battle in the final room, but I'd say overall I don't agree with everyone saying it's too easy on hard. then again everyone loves the new quoth monsters and I don't, so maybe I just play differently. It definitely seems like you started to get a better handle on scale and such, although I think your next step should be to start designing and building rooms specifically for the monster placement, rather than just making rooms first and then populating them with whatever.

nice work. 
Tansparent Water, Darkplaces 
I havent figured out how to do the whole transparent water thing. Theres not much water in the whole thing really, but there is a little I guess. Isnt there a way of doing it where you just run something on the bsp files as they are? If anyone wants to do some trick to make the water transparent then Please go for it!

I tried the episode using darkplaces, and it was OK until I got to the start of dv3 when the player kept spawning inside the train right at the start, is if the info_player_start was being read as being 32 units lower or so?!?!

Shame really, cause I was using it on a 3.2ghz Pentium D w 256mb ATI 1300X, and it looked N.I.C.E. The framerate kept suffering when I put the realtime world lights on in the last room on the start map, I think thats cause its quite a complex room and there are a few special effect lights there (slow strong pulse).

OH well, Ive started a new map, with the aim of making one rather large map instead of six smaller ones. Im not pulling any punches with the brush count either, although ive read the tutorial on doing curves without using the worldraft carve tool, so that should help keep it a bit lower than what it couldve been.

BTW, I think Quoth is the way forwards in quake. I dont know what Quoth 2 is going to be all about, but I think being able to add a wider range of monsters without being a programmer is great, and I think the monsters fit in with the original quake theme fantastically.

Right, off for breakfast. . . 
. . . At Twilight? 
I don't know about DarkPlaces, been a long time since I used it, but standard 'wateralpha 0 - 1' should work for any map thats been watervised.

So wateralpha 0.5 produces 50% transparent water, but if its not been vised then you'll get HOM (hall of mirrors) effect. You can revis a bsp from outside, check aguirRe's documentation if that's the case.

Qouth2 is basicly expanding on the base enemy set, with alot of other neat features going in as well. 
Transparent Water 
You could always use "r_novis 1". Few maps actually should be played that way (transparent water) though, most will look better without and sometimes you would badly spoil secrets (eg e2m4 near the start zombie). 
Transparent Water 
I don't know about DarkPlaces, been a long time since I used it, but standard 'wateralpha 0 - 1' should work for any map thats been watervised.

They look like not watervised to me.

You could always use "r_novis 1".

I know about this, but with this turned on framerate drops noticeably...

PS. and there is some water. I saw one right after spawn on the startmap. (: 
Turning off the vis will fuck just about any map.

Like I say, there is a way to vis a bsp, I've just never used it, but I'm sure aguirRe's documentation and tools can help:

But there's not that much water in the maps - is it worth it? 
Making Maps 
Is it a lot, or a little... I think it should be watervised anyway. Not that I'm like "no, I refuse to play it", but it should be a standard optimization (if that's a good name for it) for maps.
That would be a good thing to do. That's my opinion.

And about the pack, it's "Deja Vu v1.0" so it can be watervised and updated to v1.1. (; 
Well, look at Travail - there were plenty of areas that I would have liked to have seen watervis, but the huge size and complexity of the maps made it infeasible.

Currently I'm experimenting wth info_commands to dynamically change the water alpha depending on where you are - the teleporter 1 lava 0.9 water 0.4, or something like that. 
Little More Offtopic (: 
Why is is infeasible? It takes a lot of time to made it? It isn't hard, with all this tools, right?

I'm not familiar with this, I did watervising (or re-watervis) with aguiRe's tools (as far as I can remember). It took *a lot* of time. Looking from the other side: maping also takes huge ammount of time, so, in the end, why not to spend a day or two more to watervis them? (: 
Maybe because transparent water is no "instant and always positive feature"? 
I'm somewhat on the fence about transparent water.

Personally, I think that the creator of the map should be respected, that the player should attempt to experience it as intended. I design my maps for opaque water. Water is a gameplay element, and whether monsters can see you and shoot at you through the water matters, and whether you can see them matters, and whether you can see the secret health under the water makes a difference too.

On the other hand, players seem to love transparent water. So is your ego as an artist more important than the whims of the audience? If people want transparent water, or to replace all your textures with TGAs from the retexturing project, or play it in a mod that makes all the monsters have altered AI, then why try to stop them? I once had a roommate that liked to play doom in god mode, because he just enjoyed shooting the monsters and didn't like dying. Look at all the posts where people say "morrowind was unplayable until you install these 3 mods" or that people consider CPMA to be the true quake 3 experience.

Players like to make changes, remix things, modify their gameplay to maximize their perceived enjoyment. Perhaps letting players do what they want improves the overall fan base for a product, and in the long run keeps the community more alive? 
Apart From The Gameplay Aspect, 
opaque water is sometimes used on purpose out of technical considerations. When compiling maps for transparent water, the water surface doesn't block vis anymore and everything beneath it is rendered as well, thus increasing r_speeds (lowering performance). Of course, modern machines can handle it but that doesn't mean the mapper should not care for performance in certain situations.
Besides, transparent lava looks silly. 
Other Technicals 
Another reason transparent water wouldn't work so well in a few of the travail maps is the waterfalls. Since they're func_illusionary, they'd be visible through the water and wouldn't go transparent. 
I always presumed people played with transparent water. I do mainly because it looks so much less bad. I suppose it might let you see secrets that are supposed to be hidden underwater, but I really couldn't care less about that. 
Erm, Seriously. . . . 
When I got my copy of quake from the id website, not 2 or so months ago I found some little patch that adds transparent water to the original quake levels! Yippee! Im as much into eye candy as any other player. How do you vis your levels so that they have transparent water? Somebody tell me and I will certainly do it at some point!

I doubt it would affect gameplay much, due to the design of the levels.

Qrack is nice for eye candy BTW, also Fuhquake with the Quake Retexturing Project textures installed. I prefer the textures in the latter.

Not all of these things are quoth friendly tho. I personally think quoth should be a priority when playing these levels for the added gameplay. You could play them in standard quake if you dont mind all of the error messages on the console when you load a map, cause there are no quoth world entites, and all of the monsters teleport in the old-fashioned way (I couldnt figure out the new way). Some of the monsters are unkillable, due to poor arrangement! 
Use aguirRe's tools (see ijed's post). Txqbsp automatically produces a .prt for transparent water. In Treeqbsp you have to enable it manually with -transwater (as well as -transsky for nonsolid sky brushes). 
I Don't Know 
what -transsky in TreeQBSP does actually, you definitely don't need that to get proper sky brushes for sunlight to work. 
Deja Vu Now Mirrored At PlanetPhillip! 


Does this guy have an ID at this forum? 
Quick Comment: 
Fairly fun and some interesting ideas. Rather simple in some places but in others there are some really cool design ideas - expand onto those and you'll be a winner. The gameplay was very easy in general and could do with some beefing up although the non-base monsters were good. The ending didn't work for me unfortunately. Keep it going this is a great start. 
This looks suspiciously like a return to reviewing, in some form - ? 
A Return To... 
Absolute laziness and providing the bare minimum of feedback to show I played the damn thing.

There has been some great Quake action recently, really liking it. Big up everyone! 
Shambler: I Like The Way 
you 'reviewed' all of the new SP stuff simultaneously, like you just binged out and now its over.

PS Thanks for the positive feedback.
I have a new map on the way, I might post some shots tomorrow, but it could be a couple of days before its ready for testing, cause its a massive wide open space with tall-tall buildings, so compile time will be H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E!
What would people think to testing a map that has been fast-vis-ed? 
I always ask people to beta test fast vised map.... so no worry... :P 
Well, i just played the map, and I found it interesting in term of design layout, and globally architecture. There some nice touch here and there.
I found the gameplay a little bit easy, but it was cool nevertheless..

Keep it up ! 
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