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Q1SP Episode++: Digs01-03
Thanks to Freek I discovered some recent maps from Russia that totally went unseen by our Quake radar the last 12 months: Digs' digs01-digs03.

Repacked the files as ZIP:
More Info 
digs01 is a good id1 like episode. I really like it. The maps are well connected and sometimes burst with creativity. The brushwork is rather plain but mostly id1-worthy. Gameplay is very good!

digs02 - Virtual World is the most original map I played for a while. Held in a Tron-like style this maps plays nicely and has unique visuals (obviously).

digs03 finally is another windtunnel map! I got quite lost somewhen but I know that I am not a very observant player. This map has nice looks again, great connectivity and good gameplay.

They all would get a Nice rating from me. Go play now! 
could you translate the website please ? :P 
digs01: below id quality. but ok for a quick oldschool fix. the 'shambler shock' in the third map almost got me. waterfall and corresponding sound were good. still, average at best.

digs02: quite cool. original theme which could have been executed on a larger scale. a pity there aren't reskinned monsters as well.

digs03: nice. proper e3m5 style (complete with equally unaligned textures) and gameplay with a certain element of freedom, which made me get lost too. recommended. 
Cool ! 
I played the maps. Digs01 is cool, but there's not enough monsters, even in nightmare mode and especially considering the maps size. Architecture is a bit too old school for my taste. Too crude in some parts. Digs02 reminds me some maps of Quake3. Not enough monsters there too.

Digs03 is my favorite in this set. Great map, especially in nightmare mode ! Good atmosphere in there. I love the wind tunnels. I'll keep this one in my fav collection. 
ye i like then all in Dig01 we can see that were is first maps! we must learn somewere...

Dig02 fucking weard map :) and very evil in gameplay

Dig03 is already a good map very fun with a fantastic gameplay enjoy it from start toend :\ that�s why is 0:43.. and i should be sleeping :\ to late...

gg�s man!!!

p.s--> please keep mapping you rock :) have real great fun on those maps!!! 
0_o respect
0_o ����� 
Nice Find! 
I liked the digs01 episode best, real oldskool feeling. There were some progression issues in some levels and on Hard, I had severe ammo shortage in the middle maps, but otherwise gameplay was good.

Digs02 was also nice with a very unusual style that was done well.

The much bigger digs03 unfortunately was a prime example of a very nice map that was almost ruined by progression problems. I spent >90% of the time trying to find a way forward, running around in the same tubes ad nauseam.

But overall, pretty good maps in varying styles. 
I Agree 
I liked the Digs01 series of maps a lot.

I played through Digs02 but didn't like the Tron type graphics.

I'm ashamed to say that although I liked the size, shape and texture of Digs03, I couldn't find the second button and gave up after running around like a headless chicken for about 15 mins. Pity.

I don't know if the author continued mapping for Quake1 but I would happily play more of his/her levels. 
Digs01 was far from ep1's quality, but I enjoyed it anyway. It reminded me of hipnotic maps somehow. On the first playthrough on nightmare I tried to control myself from trickjumping to places where I shouldn't go. As Barnak already said, maps are too empty even on nightmare. I had no problems in any of the maps, some middle maps had ammo shortage though.

Digs02 surprised me nicely. I didn't think those textures would fit to quake, but it was perfect!

Digs03 was a bit of a maze, my first playthrough took 30 minutes. I managed to find all secrets but I don't know whether some of them are reachable without trick jumps.

As you may have got used to me doing speedruns on new maps, I'm not letting you go without demos on those maps this time either!

I did an easy skill marathon through the episode, finishing in 3:34, including the start map. The third map was the worst for me, as I kept missing the grenadejump many times.

I did the digs02 demo in 5 minutes, thus it's very sloppy. There is some potential for ogregrenadejumping + voreballjumping, but I couldn't be arsed to try them now. :)

On digs03 I did two demos, easy run and easy 100%. Again, here is some potential for double ogregrenadejump to bring the time much lower, like under one minute. In the 100% demo the last secret gave me problems. I couldn't find any other way to there. It may not be the best 100% route on this map, but try to enjoy of my demo. :)

Well, here are the demos then. Sorry for using filefront, I didn't have anything else in my mind.;7426150;;/fileinfo.html 
Nice Maps 
digs03 looked the best but was very confusing. I have lost some minutes trying to find the way. digs02 was interesting with the textures and I liked the gameplay. Also the digs01 series was nice and quick. Digs01-02 were to easy - not enough enemies. In digs03 the fighting was just right. I have used some of the secrets there but it seems they were reachable only by trickjumping.
Good work Digs. Make some more :) 
One Of The Secrets 
in digs03 (big area near ceiling) was accessible via an unmarked tele just to the right of one of the stairs below ... 
digs03 was very cool. Like Ankh I had to work at progressing (one message about a newly opened door would done the trick), but I was immersed well and truly...thankyou! The thing about 01 and 03 that I really appreciated was how the new areas opened up to old areas as one progressed. Has anyone done a coop run on 03 and does this sort of design make it easier for coop players? 
Both digs02 and digs03 have been added to SDA, along with three old speedmaps: 
Got Nothing.. 
Thanks for posting these. Nice to see a mapper's talent progressing in a series of maps. 
Thanks Spirit. Really nice pack, imaginative and kind of nostalgic.

Ammo a bit sparse (axed a Shambler, had to rocket another) but otherwise nicely balenced. 
2 & 3 
Haven't played 1 yet.

2 was....interesting. A gimmick map but an interesting one. It had the feel of Quake architecture underneath the textures, a proper little base map. Gameplay was pretty good. The RA annoyed me.

3 was good. The style and some of the designs were good, I also like the scale. I think it could have done with some more consistency in design and detailing - Than's latest map is a good comparison. I didn't mind the progression although I did get lost a bit. I liked the use of wind tunnels. The gameplay was generally good, it was a bit easy in places especially at the end - powerful weapons and loads of ammo. But in other places it had some really fun bits - I like the Quad runs and some of the snipey bits.

Definitely worth this mapper continuing!! 
There's several speedruns on the new maps up at SDA: 
1 - fun episode. The mapping is generally very simple especially earlier on, reasonably made but bland. Not much impressed me earlier. Things improved gradually though, with some better overall designs. Some of the pillar rooms in the metal map, and the whole of the last map, were really good, a definitely increase in inspiration.

I liked the gameplay throughout, although some of it was pretty easy. The maps didn't seem to have many monsters but they were used well and the combat had a good feel to it. A bit too much armour in some places. The secrets were good, where I found them. Again some Quad rampages were particularly enjoyable.

It was good to have a full episode to play through as well! 
Speedrunning Contest 
The digs01 episode has been added to the SDA archive and there is a new contest on the second map: 
and nice demos too! 
A Little Problem 
because the author failed to offer proper instructions in readme and i was a bit dumb, i started ds first thinking s comes from start not from secret. after finishing s7, i got on s1..s3. and later discovered the start map too. 
Just Replayed These, They Rock 
I captured digs03 in 1080 HD because I thought that would be a good idea. Turns out my computer cannot really hardly such resolution nor can my internet connection (several hours to encode and upload). And Youtube butched my awesome quality in the end anyways. Anyways,

(compare that to , which is 950MB compared to YT's 650) 
For Yhe1 
Thanks much! 
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