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New Sauerbraten Release ("Spring Edition")
Aardappel and his team have just released another version of Sauerbraten, featuring gameplay tweaks, rendering improvements (including 3D grass,) editing tweaks, and more.

Full changelist can be found here:

Here's a video showing off the latest rendering features:

Download here:
Just Watched The Video.. 
... and it is really good indeed... The video is quite interesting concerning engine rendering: I liked a lot the grass moves with the wind... and also the light reflects on the water surface... Nice improvement since the last release... Keep it up ! 
Soon The Potatoes Will EAT US 
Looks Great 
Going to have a play around with the editor when I get time, very cool looking rt editing abilities. 
Bad ass. Nice jorbz there. 
Screenshots Please 
videos are too muddy 
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