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Doom 3 - Quake Mod - Shambler's Castle
It's done!
A recreation of one of our favorite games of all time, Quake, in the Doom3 engine.
Featuring 1 map, 5 new monsters, all Quake weapons remade with new sounds and much more.
Get it here:
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there is a shambler md3 model by Randy.
it was on the qexpo in 2005 afaik, but i dont have the boothlink anymore.
Runs with Darkplaces and Qrack. If the md3 model works, maybe the doom3 models will work aswell i thought... :) 
Randy's is here:

He also managed to get Doom 3's Pinky model into Darkplaces. So getting the replacement models from this mod to work with DP should be possible. 
yeah, one thing about d3 is there is very little feedback on if you're hitting your targets when the red hud circles is removed as it is in this mod. in quake, it doesn't matter because the blood particles glow bright red, even in darkness. in d3, the blood particles are affected by light, which means you barely see it.

also, SNG and NG have a large 'spread' and don't shoot like the quake ones do. minor gripe, but it annoyed me :P 
Fucking HELL. 
This should have been great fun - great map, great style, good monsters, well balanced gameplay, proper doom3 meets quake flavour....but it was UTTERLY RUINED BY THE FUCKING TERRIBLE MUSIC.

I've often found good music enhances a game (Quake, Alice, Gothic3, Doom3 etc) but I haven't really realised until now how bad music can completely spoil a game - this hideously inappropriate bollox just removes all the atmosphere this map should have. I kept going into rooms and seeing cool designs and thinking "I want to be able to savour the gothic castle vibe....but I can't because all I can here is fucking rowdy thrash metal riffs". Just WRONG.

And yes, I tried to find Beef_Rock.ogg (name says it all really), and couldn't find it anywhere despite searching several times. If someone can help me out it would be appreciated as I'd like to replay this properly and actually enjoy it this time (I really should have left it but I was impatient to see what it's like). 
I've often found good music enhances a game (Quake, Alice, Gothic3, Doom3 etc)

quakemod.pk4/sound/sonic_clang/ beef_rock.ogg (has to be replaced by a dummy file apparently) 
Oh For Fuck's Sake 
Metl, is this bullshit with the Vital Information Concealing Ellipse of Doom ever going to go away?

(Yeah, you can read the path anyway. I'm still annoyed.) 
Tucked away in the pak, ha.

Just deleting it seemed to work.

D3's original music was minimal dark amb style, it fitted well. 
Almighty Shambler... 
..always there to shout out loud what us mere mortals are afraid to whisper... That music plain sucks! 
You All Have Clearly No Idea About The Music 
nothing beats a good pumping soundtrack while playing a game. I wish games would start going back to using actual music during gameplay and stop with the ambient music/sound stuff. That may work for movies, but action games need a higher level of adrenaline and the music needs to reflect that.
Sorry, but I had to quote this just for the sake of laughter.

It is so much better with proper dark ambient...! 
Haven't Played This . . . 
Because I gave away my copy of Doom3, but;

Remember the shitty music from Painkiller? After turning the crap off I found that weeks of finely crafted sound work had been hidden by a crappy soundtrack. 
More Human Than Human... 
I mean, more Painkiller than Quake but a great job nonetheless. Only the music was bad -- it reminded me a lot of Quake 2 :-( Some of the monster models and mannerisms were a bit off but I liked having the ability to (finally) shoot Voreballs away :-) Awesome job on the boss and hairless Shamblers, BTW!

..always there to shout out loud what us mere mortals are afraid to whisper... That music plain sucks!

Well I might seem flamboyant in my criticism of the music, but it is genuine. I was actually surprised just how much it affected my experience. Thus it needed some emphasis. As a comparison, the textures in Madfox's recent map were a flaw that detracted a bit, but they most certainly didn't spoil the overall experience.

Anyway, I played this without the music, and it's a great little map, if a little silent (but that is infinitely preferable). My earlier compliments still stand, although I would like to add: It has a good Quake atmosphere sans music, the general flavour, style, and some of the gameplay is quite evocative of the ol' Q. Monsters are generally well done - and well balanced., weapons are generally less so. The gameplay is good, although there could have been more ambushes in places, it felt a bit sparse sometimes for us veterans. On the other hand the "trapped with Vores" room and the underground Shamblers room were fairly spicy. Just a good honest map that does a good honest job of D3 meets Quake (sans you-know-what). 
ok ok just becouse got Q1 remakes i will install doom3 :p 
Played it a while ago. Thought it was really really good, almost pretty much what I expected a Quake to Doom3 port would look like. The music I didn't mind, but I hated how the fiends had eyes. Boooo. Oh, and it was in no way 30 minutes worth of gameplay, maybe 15 at the max. Still, it was a lot of fun and felt right too. Classic level layout that looped around on itself.

Scrags = r4wk. 
Fiends Do Have Eyes 
Small and yellow, next to the stupid 3 poly spikes sticking out of thier face. 
Fiends Do Have Eyes 
Small and yellow, next to the stupid 3 poly spikes sticking out of thier face. 
I Really Hate Those Spikes >:O 
Those Are Ears 
fiends do have ears too! 
I always thought of them as being ears, also...

Though I could see how they would work as horns, too. 
They're just really fucking tough antennae. 
My Dear 
What fiendish antennae you have.... 
What fiendish antennae you . . .

Is that what you say when making love to a fiend?

I usually begin with a 'Relax, this may hurt a little but you'll get use to it', but different strokes for different folks, and, hey, you go with your strengths, mine just happen to be a skinny set of knuckles. 
What The Hell HeadThump 
Ears. What. 
Ears that point straight forward and are covered in blood? What the fuck is wrong with you people. 
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