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New Quake Filehost: "The Shub-Hub"
Just to rise awareness as it seems not to be very known around here yet.

You may upload any Quake-related files there. Really everything (except demos): Maps, Mods, Movies, Screenshots, Tools. The password for uploading is ilovetheshubhub. Read for more detailed information.

Surely there is no guarantee that the Shub-Hub will exist in ten years (do free hosts guarantee anything?). But I will backup the important bits every once in a while and mirror SP stuff to the Quaddicted Archive of course.

UPDATE: The Shub-Hub is back at a new domain: , password for uploading is still ilovetheshubhub.
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Nice Run 
I've got alot to learn. Just managed a 49/50 run after watching your route with lots of quicksave. The trench jump where you have to change direction to pick up speed was irritating.

Anyhow, back to topic:

Amazing, I'm impressed!

Just a small tip; if you first run my ConvDem utility on the demo, it will compress much better in DZip (which can only handle protocol 15). It'll then also be playable in any engine.

It won't work of course if the conversion can't be done without data loss (ConvDem will tell you that). 
I Lub A Shub Rub 
in ma bathtub 
I was just looking on shub hub to see if I could find fmb_bdg and noticed that I somehow managed to put dm3rmx in the main directory when I uploaded it. I could have sworn I selected maps_singleplayer when I was uploading it. Could you move it to the correct dir? 
sure, that's $2,50 then. 
2 Thousand Dolla?! 
Who do you think you are ;) 
he meant 2 dollars and 50 cents. 
This Is The Reason 
why expensive Mars expeditions end up beyond the infinite ... 
Then He Typo'd 
Hello, My Name Si Teh Pedantic 
Here is anotha massage for you to critizise to inflate yoar sense of self impotence. 
Why Are You A Dickhead? 
I Am A Banana 
(moon icon chosen for semi-banana resemblance)

P.S. happy st. wotsit's thingamajig 
Errrr, what are you all talking about. Is , a sign for thousand while the . would have been what I meant? If so, then screw your stupid math(?) system. Jesus. 
We Can't All Be As Cool As You, Phait 
Why did you change your name to a dot? You're so mysterious and interesting. I just can't figure out you whiny angsty teeny fuckwits, you're too deep! 
I don't think you anwsered .'s highly important question, Mr, Flibbles 
thanks for moving the file. Money in the post... let's hope it doesn't get lost, eh? ;) 
wrong toppic shaft. 
Sorry, Scampie 
You could look at upbringing, genetics, environment, etc, but I don't think you can pinpoint exactly why a dickhead acts like a dickhead. You might as well ask why a rock just sits there looking like a rock most of the time. Some things just are.

In the specific situation above though, I can offer at least something approaching an explanation. You see, when I have to deal with fuckwits at work, and complete spanktards that make me lose all faith in humanity (World of Warcraft), the last thing I need to see when I come here is some raging homosexual nitpicking over a fucking comma versus a decimal point.

I expect a little more maturity and friendliness here, I don't know why, but I do. I am certainly not helping to achieve that myself though, so whether the label is dickhead or hypocrite, I should just fuck off! 
The Shubbub Be Shibby 
shibbety bibbety 
Mr Fribbles 
why didn't you just answer - Because I'm reading this pointless shit.

Although that probably implies a present tense in the question as in 'why are you being a dickhead now', not 'why are you a dickhead' as a constant.

Something to ponder. 
Thou art rock! :D 
...wrong toppic shaft. Madfox, I love you. 
The Shub-Hub is back at a new domain: , password for uploading is still ilovetheshubhub. It's rather slow sometimes, so if you just want to download something you can use the plain listing at . I hope everything works again. :)

Not adblocking the Google Ads would be appreciated, maybe you spot something of "interest" there. The hosting costs a tiny bit of money so it would be incredible if it would be covered by this (should be easy). 
I Can�t Post Comments On Quaddicted 
Tried IE, Opera and Mozilla ffs !?

My honest opinion is that you�re thinking too much about those descriptions; there�s Shambler, UWF, RetroQuake etc. Someone with interest in QSP will surely find one of those sooner or later.

BTW, I wonder why it�s not possible to view descriptions on the Shub-Hub without being logged in ?!

Keep up the great work Spirit.

sielwolf [/quote] 
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