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New Q2 SP Map Pack
Milous has released a new mission pack called Q10 Mission 2007 containing 8 single player maps, KMquake2 engine, new music, entities from Ground Zero, The Reckoning, Zaero and the Lazarus PAK.

Screenshots and dowload details at PlanetPhillip :
look at image 15 
Ok, Looked. 
now what? 
don't fuck around, scampie. 
Wow, Yeah 
fan of color this guy is

could be fun. not every designer is an artiste. 
don't fuck around, scampie.

It was a perfectly valid question. I was left wondering if you were pointing out aesthetic flaws or if you were calling the author out as a brush thief. 
Image 15 
Image 15 has Pacman Intellectual Property violation written all over it.

Tōru Iwatani unavailable for comment... 
Looks Cool 
I tried to do something similar (even using the Ratamahatta model as well) but failed because I was trying to build Q1 scale (ie. big) in Q2. Hope to play asap. 
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